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Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna is now available all over the world on Android and iOS

An enchanting clicker RPG with dreamy illustrations!

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna, an enchanting clicker RPG has attracted the attention of gamers worldwide due to its captivating illustrations and unique TAP attacks. It is now available all over the world after the pre-registration earlier this month. The game follows the story of Luna, a little knight on a mission to save her companions scattered throughout the continent from the Dark Lord As. The game is a sequel to popular projects such as Castle of Nightmare, Luna: The Dragon of Kelpy Mountain, and Re: The Dimensional Watcher, which have garnered a loyal fanbase thanks to their fairytale-like graphics and a combination of warm and dark themes.

Experience the cute and charming world of Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

The typical initial reaction to Tap Dragon is one of overwhelming cuteness. The charming main character Luna and her companions are undeniably adorable, and as players progress through the game by freeing and collecting the 30 companions, the game’s primary stage will become increasingly vibrant.

Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna
Image via SuperPlanet

In addition to the game’s cute protagonists, players will also encounter monsters with unique appearances, offering the opportunity to engage in battle scenes with both dark and cute characters. Among these monsters, the Kitty Slime is a particular standout, but players must exercise caution, as its irresistible cuteness may make them hesitant to attack.

Enhancing your experience by collecting skills and weapons in Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna

The statement explains that TAP games are simple and enjoyable, but at times, it can be disheartening to have to stop playing when tapping becomes challenging. However, the game Tap Dragon has an idle combat feature that allows players to continue playing in any circumstance, aided by Luna’s 30 companions. Players can also enhance their experience by gathering skills and weapons and helping Luna and her companions progress. This unique combination of TAP and Idle RPG promises to be both entertaining and engaging.

Enjoy the thrill of Tap Dragon by dueling with different monsters every day

On the world map of Tap Dragon, players can find a total of 5 dungeons, each with a different concept. In the ‘Bloodwind Canyon dungeon, players can engage in PVP battles, while in the Nightmare Castle dungeon, they can collect resources to assist Luna in clearing endless stages.

In addition, a Daily Dungeon with huge and terrifying monsters that change daily awaits Luna. Monsters like the weeping Leia and Lulumu and the king of beasts Adol, who is 100 times larger than Luna, will challenge players to enjoy dueling with different monsters every day.

SuperPlanet is offering attractive incentives to entice new users to sign up for Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna and enhance their gaming experience. By creating an account, users can enjoy a variety of rewards such as weapon summon tickets and other valuable resources, adding to the excitement of their gaming adventures. The game can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play to take advantage of these bonuses.

What are your thoughts on Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna as it is now available on Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comments below!

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