TapTap Pocket Playfest 2023 enters the final round for its inaugural Indie Mobile Games event

Pocket Playfest enters its final round!

TapTap Pocket Playfest 2023, a two-week-long celebration of indie mobile gaming has just concluded its group stage and is moving on to the final match. As a player’s choice tournament, the games proceeding to the final match were determined by the participants of the event voting for their favorite game of each round. We’re proud to announce these 5 games as they move forward to the final round in TapTap Pocket Playfest.

List of Indie Games in 2023 TapTap Pocket Playfest Final Round

Round 1 Victor: Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator

Developer: Screambox Studio

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator is a tactical strategy game set in a captivating fantasy medieval realm. Its extremely formidable gameplay won gamers to claim victory in round 1 against Strike Buster Protocol.

Community Highlight: Aditya: “This game can become a CoC competitor, quite literally. The touch response is a little janky at the moment. The mechanics which are already there, are pretty unique in their own right. Nice game.”

Round 2 Victor: Dwerve

Developer: Half Human Games

Dwerve is an RPG dungeon crawler with tower defense elements. While both Dwerve and its competitor, Refactor won the hearts of the gaming community, Dwerve sinched out the second-round victory. 

Community Highlight: Merlinus: “If you think it’s a simple game, just like the graphics, you’re wrong! The setting, all the details are beautiful, it really is a masterpiece and it’s about games like this.”

Round 3 Victor: Prime of Flames

Developer: RAYKA GAMES

Prime of Flames is a fast-paced tactical RPG that combines Wargame and Roguelike. During round 3 of the Pocket Playfest, Prime of Flames emerged as the victor, extinguishing its rival, Bright Reappear

Community Highlight: Kei“With engaging gameplay experience, blending tactical RPG elements. The game’s unique factions and mix-and-match character strategies keep each run fresh and exciting. While currently only a demo, the content provided promises hours or even months of entertainment. Looking forward to the official mobile release.”

Round 4 Victor: Heaven Dust

Developer: One Gruel Studio

Heaven Dust is designed to thrill and terrify you as you navigate through a series of challenging story-integrated puzzles alongside a maze full of horrible zombies and deadly traps. Its addictive gameplay allowed it to claim its round 4 victories against another incredible indie, I See You

Community Highlight: Mongul: “Despite being late to the game, I am impressed by the well-developed nature of this mobile game. A must-try for Resident Evil fans.”

Round 5 Victor: Cyber Manhunt

Developer: Aluba Studio

Cyber Manhunt is a story-driven puzzle game that delves deep into the realms of big data, hacking, social issues, and the crucial role of social workers. Its riveting story allowed it to claim the final victory against the equally impressive, Cat of Khronos.  

Community Highlight: Ellie Kin“It is a thrilling cyber investigation game that immerses players in a world of high-stakes hacking and pursuit. With its unique gameplay mechanics, intense action sequences, and captivating cyberpunk aesthetic, it delivers an engaging experience. Although some aspects could be further refined, fans of cybercrime and suspense will find Cyber Manhunt to be an intriguing and immersive game.”

What’s Next – The Grand Finale

The final round for TapTap’s Pocket Playfest is scheduled to go live today, June 26th, and lasts until June 28th, which will conclude the event. This decisive round will feature all finalists from each of the previous 5 rounds. Prizes are on the line for both the participants and the devs, be sure to hop in and vote – your favorite could be crowned the first-ever winner of the Pocket Playfest.

Which title are you going to vote for at the 2023 TapTap Pocket Playfest final round? Let us know in the comment section below!

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