Teamfight Tactics for Mobile: Beta coming soon

TFT Mobile soon to launch

After Riot announced an official release for the first quarter of 2020 a month ago, rumour has it that the Teamfight Tactics beta for mobile will still launch this month.

TFT fans can already pre-register for the mobile version on Google Play. Unlike Wild Rift, that will launch as an independent mobile version from its big brother League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics will be playable cross-platform. So if you’re hyped and can’t wait, at least you can console yourself with the PC version for the remaining couple of weeks.

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What is TFT?

Teamfight Tactics is a classic auto battler game mode of League of Legends, similar to trailblazer auto chess from Dota 2. 8 players compete with each other by purchasing units (the actual League of Legends Champions). The units get placed on the grid-resembling battlefield. While this sounds simple on paper, the placement actually revolves around highly strategic decisions. Aside from the eponymous chess-like elements, players have to work around different resources and RNG. Their own health, interest and bonuses as well as Champion synergies to name a few.

Teamfight Tactics mobile beta: gameplay, TFT Mobile
Teamfight Tactics in action: Your Champions fight for your victory

Although TFT just launched a couple of months ago, the 2nd season Rise of the Elements already started. The new set brings additional strategic elements as well as a whole new set of Champions and synergies. LoL veterans might have a little advantage here. That’s because some of the elemental changes go hand in hand with the League of Legends pre-season changes.

Despite many adjustments, the gameplay itself remains similar: Each round you have to purchase and place your units to defeat monsters or other players until one side has no units left. Over the course of the game, enemies will drop items that you can combine and use to strengthen your Champions. Combining 3 units of the same Champion will upgrade its level from 1 to 2, whereas you need 9 units/ 3 level 2 units to upgrade the Champion’s level one additional time.

Cuteness factor: Huge!

Most importantly though: You get to collect lots of unique and utterly gorgeous avatars, called Little Legends. And although they don’t actively participate in combat, you can still run with them across the board; annoy your opponents or just enjoy their cute appearance! For Little Legends (and some gameplay) in action, check out the official trailer:

Are you going to play Teamfight Tactics on mobile or even sign up for the beta? Or are you more excited about Wild Rift around the corner? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, make sure to check out our news page for more great gaming content.

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