Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021 showcased 12 upcoming mobile games

More mobile titles to follow after specific releases

Chinese giant Tencent Games hosted its annual conference 2021 to announce a total of 12 upcoming mobile games. According to Daniel Ahmad, a known name in the gaming industry, these upcoming titles are focusing on functional and educational games aimed at young students. The annual conference witnessed the announcement of overall 60 titles including self-developed titles, licensed titles, and overseas games expected to release in China. The most anticipated mobile titles include Metal Slug mobile, Dynasty Warriors: Hegemony, Story of Seasons Mobile, Our Planet, Tetris Adventure, Digimon: New Century, Handmade Planet, The Westward: Burning Soul, One Punch Man, and CrossFire HD.

Please Note: We could not get the complete information on all the games announced during the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021 since it was broadcasted in the Chinese language. Here we have summed up all the small pieces that we could gather to provide the readers with as much information as possible.

1. Metal Slug Mobile

Tencent announced the official mobile port of the popular arcade shooter, Metal Slug. Developed by TiMi Studios, the game is still being in the initial development mode and expected to release soon. You can take a look at the upcoming Metal Slug mobile gameplay below.

2. Handmade Planet

Handmade Planet is a part of UGC games that Tencent will release in China. It’s a sandbox MMO game that is similar to Minecraft. The game has a lot of social elements and combines creation with mini-games. Handmade Planet is expected to be launched by Tencent in December 2021.

Tencent games annual conference 2021

3. Digimon: New Century

Digimon: New Century is a role-playing video game for smartphones. It’s jointly developed by Qixia Interactive Entertainment and Shanghai-based Bandai Namco and will be released in China.

4. One Punch Man mobile

One-Punch Man is a turn-based RPG and officially authorized by the phenomenal Japanese anime “ONE PUNCH MAN”. The game comes with exciting stories of the original anime.

5. The Westward: Burning Soul

The Westward” Burning Soul is the first core game developed by China-based Kuaishou’s echo game studio. The mobile game is based on the comic IP with the name ‘The Westward’ and expected to be released by next year.

6. CrossFire HD

During the conference, Tencent also displayed CrossFire HD, developed by South Korean video game developer and publisher, Smilegate. The game will include Remedy’s single-player campaign and will be published by Tencent in June 2021. According to Daniel Ahmad, CrossFire X is the global version and it will also be released to Xbox later.

7. Story of Seasons Mobile

Based on the popular farming simulator Story of Seasons, Tenent’s NExT Studios announced a mobile version of the game. The trailer showcased the regular activities of game such as farming, fishing, managing the livestock etc. Aesthetically, Story of Seasons Mobile looks very polished and as good as its latest Switch release ‘Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town’.

8. Mobile game based on the Uncharted Waters IP and Nobunaga’s Ambition IP

During the Tencent Games Annual Conference 2021, it was also revealed that Tencent is working with Koei Tecmo to develop a new mobile game based on the Uncharted Waters IP and Nobunaga’s Ambition IP. The game will focus on exploration, simulation, trade, and naval battles.

Tencent games annual conference 2021

9. Project: Fighter

Tencent has also announced Project: Fighter, the title name is not clear at the moment but it’s expected to be released only in China for now. It is said to be a one-piece fighting game for mobile developed by Tencent’s More Fun Studio and authorized by Bandai Namco. We don’t have more details about the game at the moment but we will provide all the updates as and when we receive from Tencent.


Apart from these titles Tencent’s Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, the developers of PUBG Mobile, released a demo video of a new game code named HUA.

11. Tetris Adventure

Tetris Adventure is a 101 player battle royale based in the Tetris universe. The game is developed by Changyou with the license from Tetris. For now, the game is scheduled to release only in China.

tetris adventure
Tetris Adventure

12. Dynasty Warriors: Hegemony

Based on the popular Dynasty Warriors IP, Dynasty Warriors Hegemony will be released in China this Summer. The game is developed by CMGE / TCI Play and authorized by Koei Tecmo

With all the announcements from Tencent Games, the coming months for the mobile gamers will be joyous. However, it is worth noting that not all of these titles will be available globally.

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