Tetragon: The 2D puzzle-adventure game will release globally on July 19

Discover the enormous, enigmatic Tetragon, a square-shaped environment whose walls can abruptly shift positions as the puzzleadventure game will release worldwide on July 19th, 2023, for both Android and iOS devices. In this universe, players cannot defy gravity, but they can employ magic to manipulate the gravitational field in order to navigate the game’s difficult mazes and puzzles. Tetragon, which is already accessible on computers and video game consoles, will launch on smartphones and other mobile devices on July 19 with all-new controls to improve the playing experience.

Tetragon has enchanting visuals that transport players to a fairytale world featuring over 40 levels

Tetragon features over 40 levels spread across four planets and magical visuals that transport players to a fairytale setting. The game’s puzzles and art design can be soothing, but players must be cautious because one mistake could be catastrophic for Lucios.

Tetragon release
Image via Cafundo Studio

Players will have to be ready to help Lucios unlock TetraGen’s amazing potential. You can build your own platforms and staircases, rotate the earth, and more by harnessing TetraGen’s power, which also allows you to change the placement of planes and towers. As they lead Lucios through a variety of riddles, mazes, and obstacles, becoming skilled in this ability will be essential. Here are the key features of Tetragon which players will get to enjoy as the game releases:

  • Puzzles Galore: Pave your way through a labyrinth of realities with hundreds of puzzles, mazes, and challenges, based on the world spinning and tower moving. 
  • Magical World filled with Levels: Over 40 different levels are combined in the four magic worlds. While you delve deeper into the tunnels of this reality, the world of Tetragon offers more challenging and exciting puzzles. 
  • Epic Battles and Heartwarming Story: Help a father overcome all the challenges and face off against dangerous enemies as he searches for his lost son. 
  • Gorgeous Art Style: Explore a square-shaped world in a beautifully painted art style with a beautiful soundtrack to set the scene. 
Image via Cafundo Studio

Tetragon is coming to iOS and Android on July 19th. Keep an eye out here to know more about the game and its features as it releases globally on the destined date.

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