The Battle Cats brings a new Uber Rare crimefighter Thunder Jack on May 12th, 2023

In The Battle Cats empire, the valiant protectors known as the Dark Heroes have added a fresh addition to their ranks. Players of PONOS Corporation’s popular tower defense strategy app now have the opportunity to acquire a brand-new Uber Rare superhero. From May 12th, 2023 at 11:00 am onwards, gamers can unleash the formidable Thunder Jack, an electric-powered warrior, and welcome this exceptionally powerful ally into their charmingly peculiar Cat Army.

Thunder Jack Joins the Dark Heroes in The Battle Cats

In the face of an alien invasion, the Dark Heroes, known as Catkind’s last line of defense, have bolstered their forces by recruiting a new champion of justice named Thunder Jack. Thunder Jack, a high school student, possesses the extraordinary ability to summon lightning and unleash it upon his adversaries.

The Battle Cats new dark hero
Image via PONOS Corporation

His lightning strikes possess the potential to repel both celestial beings and extraterrestrial invaders. Additionally, once Thunder Jack evolves into his second form, he acquires an entirely new array of powers and capabilities.

Thunder Jack possesses the ability to effectively defend the fort against Zombies that burrow, showcasing his exceptional skills in this particular area. Alongside Shigong, he stands out as the most proficient individual in this specialized field. Additionally, he serves as a suitable alternative to the lesser demon cat. However, it is important to note that his performance in the end game may be limited unless one is willing to invest dark cateyes to maximize his level to 60.

The Battle Cats Dark Heroes
Image via PONOS Corporation

To acquire Thunder Jack, players have the opportunity to visit The Battle Cats’ Rare Capsule machine between May 12th at 11:00 am and May 15th at 10:59 am in 2023. By participating, players can potentially obtain Thunder Jack from the Dark Heroes Rare Capsule set. Furthermore, there is a special promotion where every 11-capsule draw guarantees the acquisition of an exceptionally rare hero.

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