The Brave Brain: Kikiriki Games is hunting for quiz questions for its latest trivia game

Exciting rewards await the quiz question creators!

The successful audio mobile shooter game To the Dragon Cave was created by Kikiriki Games, who are currently developing a new trivia game. In The Brave Brain, multiple-choice quiz questions must be successfully answered in order to win. Kikiriki Games decided to incorporate the global gaming community in the game preparation in order to make the game as accessible as possible by including global content. The game is slated to be released in the spring of 2023.

The Brave Brain targets the mainstream public as well as visually impaired people

The Brave Brain, a new game, is intended to be a casual cooperative knowledge game. The new product will be marketed to the broader public and have appealing aesthetics, in contrast to the audio shooter game To the Dragon Cave, which was primarily made for blind players.

Irrespective of their skills or origins, Kikiriki Games is developing a game that aspires to incorporate everyone. Because of this, the designers choose to involve the players in the creation of the game’s content by allowing them to design quiz questions.

Quiz questions might concern, for example, which sea fish is the fastest swimmer, which island Mount Obama is on, or when the sun rises at the North Pole. There are just a few basic rules to follow when creating questions:

  • Answers must be in a multiple-choice format where only one is correct, 
  • Answers must be factual and verifiable,
  • Questions must not offend or otherwise harm anyone.

The City of Brno provided funding for the creation of The Brave Brain as part of its Creative Industries Program. The Brave Brain Contest has so been introduced by Kikiriki Games. Through a web form, users can submit their quiz questions to the studio until February 28, 2023. For the most active contributors, the developers have created enticing awards.

The Brave Brain will feature mysterious locations and multiplayer mode

The Brave Brain
Image via Kikiriki Games

People will be able to compete against their friends and random gamers in the upcoming mobile game The Brave Brain, which Kikiriki Games intends to release this spring. There will be a single-player component to the game in addition to the multiplayer option, which entails exploring enigmatic areas. Players will be able to take quizzes that are themed to the environment in places like the rainforest, a science center, or even a waterfront pub. The sci-fi tale that frames the entire game features attractive brains.

Are you excited to contribute quiz questions for the Brave Brain? Let us know in the comments below!

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