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The Chrono Beta, VNG Games’ latest RPG starts closed beta test on Android in the Philippines

Embark on an adventure!

The Chrono Beta, the new adventure RPG title brought to you by VNG Games is now all but set to enter the closed beta test phase in the Philippines. The game, The Chrono Beta will be made available for players on Android and will be available from Google Play in the Philippines.

The Chrono Beta aims to deliver an RPG experience filled with adventure and exploration

The Chrono Beta revolves around the continent of the broken clock known as the Clock continent and the Edna train which the players can drive through throughout the continent in search of opportunities to explore, team up with friends, challenge super bosses, and create the best equipment to help them succeed through the quests and progress through the questline in the game.

The Chrono Beta Closed Beta Test, The Chrono Beta
Image via VNG Games

The Chrono Beta has definitely focused a lot on the adventurous and exploration part of the game as it allows the players to send their mercenaries on a mission to explore the unexplored part of the continent. The continent named, Clock Continent offers plenty of stations and establishments which the players alongside their AI teammates in the game can capture different stations on the map and thus establish them as the kingpin of the continent

The coaches of the Edna train are pretty customizable themselves and the game does a great job in allowing the players to customize their ride as they want. Not just this, the game also does a great job of providing the players with an ample amount of character choices, there are 22 different Tarot Angels in the game for the players to select their characters. Each character, needless to say, offers different pros and cons and the decision to cast a crew from them depends on them.

The Chrono Beta Closed Beta Test, The Chrono Beta
Image via VNG Games

The game as stated before will be made available on Android, global release dates are not known as of now, however, players in the Philippines can most definitely access the game via Google Play

What are your thoughts on The Chrono Beta entering the Closed Beta Test phase in the Philippines? Let us know in the comments below!

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