Roblox removes the iconic “oof” sound in its latest content update

Roblox has replaced iconic oof sound!

The origin of an iconic meme and one of the most recognized sounds in gaming, the “Oof” sound of Roblox has been removed following a recent patch in the game. The sound which was generated whenever a player died, gained widespread recognition among players and members alike. It became a known sound even among people who haven’t played the game. 

Licensing issues might be the reason behind the removal of “Oof”

According to the developers, the sound has been removed after some licensing issues with the sound effect itself. Earlier yesterday, in an in-game announcement in the Roblox game about the changes in the asset store, it was stated at the end that the iconic sound would be removed. It is instead replaced by a new default sound. The replacement death sound effect has been launched as of today. It will stay in the game as a permanent addition till further notice.

This isn’t the first time that Roblox has run into issues regarding the “oof” sound. This is because the sound wasn’t originally made by the Roblox developers but by a former video game composer named Tommy Tallarico. He was also the CEO of the discontinued Intellivision. In 2020, it came to light that the “oof” sound was created by Tallarico for the 2000s FPS game Messiah.

He agreed with Roblox that anyone building a Roblox game experience would have to pay $1 (or 100 Robux) to be able to use the sound in their creation. Tallarico also agreed to “develop other paid sounds for Roblox”.

But it appears that something has gone wrong with the contract about which we know nothing as of yet. According to Kotaku, they have contacted Roblox about disclosure regarding the removal of the sound. However, there have been no reports regarding that as of yet. 

Final Thoughts 

No matter the reason, it is indeed disappointing that such an iconic and well-known sound that transcended the boundaries of gaming is not going to be around anymore. It’s a sad day for long-time Roblox fans, who must bid farewell to a sound so synonymous with the game that one can hear it on playgrounds around the world.

What are your thoughts about the Oof sound from Roblox getting removed? Let us know in the comments below!

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