The Library Of Babel is a new sci-fi stealth platformer now available on iOS devices

Neon Doctrine, an indie game publisher from Southeast Asia, has announced that The Library of Babel, a new sci-fi stealth platformer, is now available on iOS devices through the Apple App Store.

The Library of Babel awakens in a post-human era

Drawing inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges‘ short narrative bearing the same title, The Library of Babel beckons individuals into a realm situated two millennia subsequent to the decline of humankind. A dominion currently governed by sophisticated automatons, possessing scant knowledge regarding their legendary architects. Tranquility and systematization prevail, until the unearthing of the Library: an assemblage encompassing the entirety of past, present, and future writings, an immaculate foretoken of utter disorder.

In The Library of Babel, the central character Ludovik, who is a Seeker, is dispatched to Mesopotamia with the task of delving into a murder inquiry. Upon his arrival at the data mining outpost in the Colony, an urgent situation emerges, significantly impeding his investigative efforts. Ludovik manages to make headway gradually, thanks to the assistance of his contact within the Colony, Lei. Together, they embark on untangling the threads of the case, tracing the path of the perpetrator through the adjacent regions, all the while encountering unusual individuals during their expedition.

Library of Babel
Image via Neon Doctrine

Ludovik must immerse himself in the lives of the jungle’s inhabitants and navigate its perilous corners to unveil the enigmatic enigma encircling the abrupt sealing of the Library. In this expansive and advanced realm, populated by unfamiliar creatures and formidable adversaries, Ludovik employs a combination of cunning and subtlety to penetrate the most heavily fortified zones. Key Features of The Library of Babel Include:

  • Immersive 2D Babylon: An overgrown yet futuristic world with beautifully hand-drawn 2D environments
  • Classic Systems: Dialogue and inventory management systems reminiscent of the Graphic Adventure games of the ’90s
  • Dangerous Environment: Deadly obstacles and even deadlier enemies to avoid, as Ludovik prefers agility and stealth over violence
  • Stealth Is King: Ludovik must maneuver around the terrain as quietly as possible, whether that’s climbing to new heights or silently taking down enemies

The Library of Babel is available now for $6.99 USD for a full game access pass on the App Store.

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