The Secrets of Minecraft is an upcoming Minecraft Show

A monthly dive into what happens behind the scenes

The people behind Minecraft, the popular open-world crafting game, are now launching a new show called “The Secrets of Minecraft”, a monthly series that will let players in on the stuff which happens behind the scenes of the iconic game. In a trailer for this, a couple of details regarding the upcoming show were revealed.

The show is set to have two hosts, The Narrator who previously also hosted a series called “How we make Minecraft” and his co-host, a sentient computer named M.A.R.I.L.L.A. who also hosted a show previously called “Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecraft”. There might be more to these bantering and entertaining hosts which will probably be revealed later.

How did this secret Minecraft show come up

A week ago, the show was first teased with a YouTube Community Poll where players could choose whether to bring back older shows, get a chance to watch Mobbo watch paint dry or vote for a “Secret” new show. This was followed up by another Community Poll where you could vote for the host of the show and the overwhelming majority went for the Narrator’s soothing English accent from “How We Make Minecraft”.

The Secrets of Minecraft show
Image via YouTube

This was then followed up by a countdown and another hint which we now know suggested the co-host being the sentient computer, MARILLA.

Expectations from The Secrets of Minecraft show

Talking about the show itself, it looks to be a mix between the previous shows which haven’t been worked on for a while called “How We Make Minecraft” and “Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Minecaft”. It’s going to reveal revelations, secrets and other things viewers probably didn’t know alongside some gossip about the game. New episodes will be posted on their YouTube channel monthly. So if you’re interested in watching it, you should definitely subscribe if you haven’t already

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