The Source code of multiple titles from Riot Games are reportedly leaked 

The hackers are demanding a ransom!

In some pretty major news that would be of importance to all the players of Riot Games’ titles and cyber security geeks out there, Riot Games, officially announced a cyber attack had taken place, compromising their systems on the 21st of January, 2023. They have now reported upon the content that was compromised. 

Riot Games confirms the safety of players’ personal information from the cyber attack

In an official Twitter thread, Riot Games confirmed that they were exfiltrated during the cyber attack, with the source code of League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics, along with legacy anti-cheat being stolen, and that they’ve received ransom emails from hackers, which they don’t intend on paying.

Also, while source code, containing previously unreleased experimental and prototypic features, modes, and other info was leaked, not all of it would be making it to the game even if news of it all, containing the details of the content gets out. Riot Games further added that no personal information of the players was found to be compromised in their analysis of the attack.

Such cyber attacks aren’t all too uncommon and we’ve seen some other pretty big organizations fall prey to them in the past, as was with the case of Axie Infinity, where $625 Million was stolen, and then DDoS attacks on Among Us servers and those of an entire country during a Minecraft Event. Such attacks present pretty significant threats as we’ve seen with the Axie Infinity Heist and then also in cases where the privacy of player data is breached, presenting several major risks to the players themselves.

Riot Games local studios China, Riot games cyber attack
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games definitely managed to avoid those possibilities and they’re now working with law officials to trace down the people who might be responsible. They’re also working on strengthening their systems and we should expect a detailed report soon. 

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