Tilting Point collaborates with Tommy Hilfiger to launch FashionVerse on Android and iOS devices

FashionVerse, an innovative interactive fashion game for mobile platforms, has been launched by Hilfiger Ventures, a private investment initiative co-founded by Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, in collaboration with leading game publisher Tilting Point and developer Brandible.

The game FashionVerse, now accessible for download on iOS and Android devices, has also extended its reach to Netflix’s 247 million members through the Netflix mobile app. This groundbreaking collaboration with Tilting Point opens up a unique opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the world of haute couture, curating distinctive looks in a dynamic and creative environment in Fashionverse.

Players take on design challenges to create perfectly curated fashion sets in FashionVerse

FashionVerse emerged as an imaginative concept originating from Mr. Tommy Hilfiger himself, driven by the desire to elevate fashion through an immersive, community-centric game that harnesses the latest technology. The game incorporates Brandible’s exclusive game engine and AI model, crafting photorealistic avatars, settings, and props to deliver a breathtaking virtual experience where every participant becomes a creator.

Within FashionVerse, players are tasked with design challenges, engaging in the creation of meticulously curated fashion sets in Stylist mode or mood boards in Trendsetter mode. These creations are subject to evaluation by fellow players through voting.

Tilting Point Fashionverse
Image via Tilting Point

Participants have the opportunity to share their designs, vote on scenes crafted by other stylists, comment on favored looks, earn rewards, and unlock new clothing styles, all while staying abreast of the latest trends from real-world fashion brands.

Employing cutting-edge AI technology, FashionVerse transforms players’ creative styling endeavors into vivid reality, featuring a photorealistic array of 3D virtual spaces and a diverse ensemble of models. Embracing diversity and inclusion, FashionVerse showcases models across a spectrum of size diversity, ethnicities, and abilities.

FashionVerse will feature an ongoing series of virtual events in collaboration with major brands

FashionVerse, now available on Android and iOS devices, is set to introduce an ongoing series of virtual events known as “Pop-Ups” in collaboration with major players in the fashion, entertainment, art, and beauty industries. The details of these collaborations with renowned brands will be disclosed in the weeks following the game’s launch.

Tilting Point Fashionverse orange dress
Image via Tilting Point

This feature allows players to engage with the contemporary fashion landscape uniquely, as they virtually style their models and design sets. The Pop-Ups will present dedicated challenges aligned with the themes of participating brands’ campaigns, showcasing garments from their latest collections, and offering special rewards for players who complete all the branded challenges. Additionally, these Pop-Ups will unveil digital exclusives from celebrated artists and musicians, seamlessly merging the realms of fashion, music, and popular culture within the game.

Tilting Point, recognized for its expansive portfolio, has significantly enhanced its offerings through substantial intellectual property integrations spanning various platforms such as mobile, console, PC, subscription services, and more. The company’s commitment to exploring new ventures is evident as it brings beloved brands to fans in innovative and captivating ways, simultaneously amplifying each game’s global audience and financial success.

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