TiMi Studios revealed their future strategy quoting the success of Honor of Kings

Future looks Exciting for TiMi!

International director of TiMi Studios, Vincent Gao revealed their future strategy while talking to The Shenzhen-based Studio is famously known for Honor of Kings (aka Arena of Valor) and Call of Duty Mobile. During the interview, he talked about TiMi Studios’ future strategy and what all were the reasons for the success of one of their titles – Honor of Kings.

According to Vincent Gao, the recent interest in Chinese games in the West is due to the substantial growth witnessed in the development scene in China. China had a world-leading mobile game development investment. That’s the reason why Chinese game developers have a competitive capability in the globalized market. And a good game will surely transcend borders and that’s what happened with Honor of Kings.

Success of Honor of Kings and COD Mobile boosted up things for TiMi Studios

High-margin profits in Honor of Kings and COD Mobile has given TiMi Studios an upper edge in the gaming industry. According to Vincent, games should be of such quality, so that players feel that they are one step ahead of the best game. The bar has to be set higher than the best game in the current market. If you can make games that solve worldwide challenges be it design, production, and technology, you will succeed.

If we follow his words closely, that’s what TiMi Studios is trying to achieve. They are trying to develop something new and then leading the direction of the whole industry. The is the major point of the interview TiMi Studios revealed their future strategy.

We don’t think about game design as something divided by boundaries. The games market is globalized and a good game will transcend borders

Vincent Gao, international director, TIMI STUDIOS 

He proceeds further by saying that the developers are competing hard to provide the highest global quality experience. And during the last 12 years of developing games has given TiMi that competitive experience in the globalized mobile gaming field.

According to their analysis, the younger audiences are home-grown to mobile in the west and expect more from mobile games. And they want to create mobile games for these specific audiences in the long run. This is what TiMi Studios revealed about their future strategy. This is the major agenda that TiMi Studios and Tencent Games are trying to set.

Honor of Kings’ 2015 launch was perfect for the growing popularity of mobile gaming worldwide

During the interview, Honor of Kings game director Li Min said that when the game launched in 2015, it was one of the first in the world to make important technical solutions including frame synchronization, optimization for mobile networks, non-synchronous coloring, frame synchronization recovery after disconnection, and other technologies to support mega-systems for hundreds of millions of users. They are setting the trend for others to follow.

TiMi Studios revealed future strategy

According to Min, timing also plays an important role in the success of any game. The launch of Honor of Kings in 2015 coincided with the widespread adoption of 4G and more powerful smartphones. That really helped and it also intensified the people’s expectations and aspirations. Now looking forward, Tencent aims to continue expanding the Honor of Kings IP beyond just the game into other forms such as animation, stage shows, and films.

Looking ahead, technologies like VR, AR, and XR will continue to mature, 5G and cloud gaming will bring new challenges and opportunities to the industry


Final Thoughts

TiMi looks for trends in order to make games that are future-ready. And right now their focus is to make games with high quality because there’s a lot of room for improvement. With the massive up-gradation in technology, we might also witness a genre that’s not prevalent at the moment. TiMi will continue to look ahead and enhance its development capabilities to meet future player needs.

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