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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is Coming Soon announces Ubisoft

Just like every year, E3 2019 saw plenty of announcements from big companies like Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Nintendo, etc. While most titles announced at E3 conferences are primarily targeted towards console and PC platforms, we also get to see plenty of announcements for mobile games too. Perhaps, one of the most exciting mobile titles announced at the E3 2019 Ubisoft Conference was Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

What Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is all about?

TC Elite Squad is a role-playing game developed by Owlient and published by Ubisoft. The game will follow a free-to-play business model and will be launched for Android and iOS mobile devices. The game features real-time military battle and will pit players against each other in teams of five, i.e, it will feature 5v5 battles. The most unique feature of this game is the ability to choose characters from various Tom Clancy game franchises previously published by Ubisoft. Yes, this includes franchises like Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, The Division, and Rainbow Six. Your favorite characters that you’ve previously played with, in consoles and PC will now be available on mobile in Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad gameplay, TC Elite Squad
Image Credits: Mobile Syrup

TC Elite Squad will release on Android first

While the game was announced in E3 2019, no official release date was revealed. However, Ubisoft very recently teased the release of the game on their official Twitter page for Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. The post stated that the game is “coming soon” in Google Play. Upon being asked for a tentative release date by a Twitter user, the publisher replied that the game would be released “this year gradually in some countries first”.

It’s only the second month of 2020 and since the post said that the game is “coming soon”, we can expect a region-specific release in March or maybe in the second quarter of 2020. The publisher, however, still hasn’t given us any specific release date, nor have they told us the names of the countries where the game will initially release. But players are still excited upon hearing from Ubisoft. And they are eagerly waiting for the release of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad.

What about the release on iOS?

While Ubisoft is planning for the Android release soon, they did not mention anything for iOS. However, the official website mentions that the game will also be available for iOS. But when? That still remains as a question.

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I am super excited for the game.


Hopefully, Ubisoft won’t disappoint us this time.


Eagerly waiting for it 😀


So are we! 😉

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