Tomorrow is a new open-world survival title available on Android and iOS

A survival adventure is waiting!

Tomorrow, a multiplayer survival mobile title developed by Rage Quit Games LLC is now available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game focuses on an epic survival journey where players have to scramble for food, construct a house, craft weapons, and attack mutant creatures on the road to life.

Take a dangerous adventure that tests your survival instincts

Tomorrow takes you on an adventure in the year 2040, where the survival instincts of a man are tested. The planet is infested with radioactivity affecting humanity, and people are struggling to live the life they used to. This scenario brings to the game’s goal, which is to fight for food and find shelter, and prevent mutant creatures and also attacks from their very own.

Tomorrow survival gameplay
Image via Rage Quit Games LLC

The game allows players to create their own character and begin the adventure. Join forces with friends or engage in full-fledged PVP battles. Make your own weapons and accessories as well as the building of new houses, while scavenging, hunting, and cooking food. Investigate nearby areas for resources that could potentially save your life.

For weaponry, the players can create a variety of weapons that will give them an advantage in battle. You can also engage in melee combat, which might be a bit risky but as well as shooter-like skirmishes using anything from a simple bat to a plasma gun. Kill the monster army, defeat hostile survivors, and remember, don’t die!

Tomorrow is now available to download for mobile. The game can be accessed via the Google Play Store for players on Android and App Store for iOS players.

What are your thoughts on the survival title Tomorrow as it is now available for Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Eric Foo

Hi, just would like to check if you guys have any idea that this Tomorrow: Online Survival game available to download for worldwide for iOS players? I can’t find it in my region, Singapore.


Sometimes some games may not be available in a particular region because of any limitation from the dev side. If this is the case for you, it is very fortunate.

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