Torchlight Infinite vs Path of Exile: Comparing the two Action RPG titles

Find all the similarities and differences between the two games!

Path of Exile (PoE) and Torchlight: Infinite are frequently compared since both are excellent RPG games. Several PoE players hurried in to try out Torchlight: Infinite as it was released later to see how much fun it was. Below, we’ll highlight some of the distinctions and similarities between these two games. After reading this post, players will know whether they can easily become familiar with and enjoy Torchlight: Infinite if they are a veteran of the PoE series.

Basic Differences between Torchlight Infinite and Path of Exile

1. Talent System

The talent trees in these two games are both adaptable. PoE has a greater number of talent nodes overall, which complicates the process of choosing a talent.

Torchlight Infinite vs Path of Exile Talents
Image via XD Inc

While Torchlight: Infinite classifies your abilities more clearly and displays them as nodes connected in a linear fashion. Both games allow players to choose a key talent to significantly improve the core damage of their Build if they earn specific talent nodes.

2. Currency

Torchlight Infinite vs Path of Exile Currency
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Torchlight: Infinite and PoE both have bartering as their main in-game trading. Likewise, there both exist certain valuable common currencies, such as the Flame Elementium in the former and the Chaos Orbs in the latter.

3. Netherrealm

One of the activities in Torchlight: Infinite which provides a collection of dungeon maps that allow players to freely enjoy gear looting after completing the plot is called Netherrealm. It’s known as Atlas in PoE.

Torchlight Infinite Path of Exile Netherrealm
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In addition to varying degrees of difficulty, Dungeons of Netherrealm also have equivalent “entry tickets“. Players can challenge Boss to earn more valuable gear after finishing a predetermined number of standard dungeons.

4. Affixes

If you recently finished playing PoE, many of the gear affixes in Torchlight: Infinite must seem pretty familiar. It’s true that both games have a lot of affixes that offer comparable numbers. In light of this, it will be simple for you to comprehend what your Build the other needs as long as you have experience with one of them.

Torchlight Infinite Path of Exile affixes
Image via XD Inc

Also, both of these have a distinctive crafting system for the greatest equipment in the slot. In PoE, Vaal Orb can be used to make a specific affix extremely potent, but Haughty Corrosion or Defile Corrosion may be able to achieve the same effect in Torchlight: Infinite. And as a result, many seasoned PoE players will refer to Torchlight: Infinite by some of its widespread nicknames. In both games, players can submit certain Memories or Cards after collecting enough of them to NPC to get corresponding rewards.

Torchlight Infinite Path of Exile Skill Links
Image via XD Inc

You can add many Passive Skills and one Active Skill to each Build to boost the damage output. Both PoE and Torchlight: Infinite must abide by this guideline. The sole distinction is that whilst skill connections in the former rely on energy, skill links in the latter require skill gems to be inserted into equip slots.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Torchlight: Infinite is more like a streamlined version of PoE, giving it some original strategy and depth. Hence, if you’ve played PoE and enjoy this type of game, you can enjoy Torchlight: Infinite without spending a lot of time studying.

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