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Tower of Fantasy announces Mirroria Tour event with amazing rewards

Finish the race and win!

Tower of Fantasy just released the latest Vera 2.0 update which includes another map expansion of the game. Players are introduced to Mirroria, a major aesthetic cyberpunk city in the new Vera map that is free to explore. To commemorate, Tower of Fantasy will be releasing an exclusive event Mirroria Tour as players can race through the city and win many enticing and limited rewards. 

The Mirroria Tour event starts at 10:00 on October 27 and will run till November 9 at 21:59 (UTC -4). A total of 2 weeks (14 days). 

How to sign up for Mirroria Tour event in Tower of Fantasy

Before playing the event, players need to sign up to enter the event matches. The matches are available every hour starting from 12:00 to 23:00 (Server Time). After signing up, the match would begin after 10 minutes.

This is a racing event where players have to go through several checkpoints (10 in total) on the map and finish the race as fast as possible in about 10 minutes of the time frame. The tour route that players would be taking in the event is Mirafleur Hall – Asset Management Center – HOTTA Studio – Department of Science and Technology – Vera Tower of Fantasy – Museum.

The less time it takes for players to finish the race, the higher the rank they would be placed in. And hence the more rewarding items they will receive as a result.

Players will receive Pacemaker Emblems as a reward for finishing the race

After finishing the race, players will obtain Pacemaker Emblems as a prize which they can use to exchange for rewards such as Red Nucleus, Energy Crystal Dust (Orange), Mira, and more. Be advised that there is a limit to the number of pacemaker emblems you will be receiving.

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On the first day, the maximum number of pacemaker emblems players can get is 1500. Afterward, on each following day at 5:00 (Server Time), the limit increases by 1500 again. A total of 9000 pacemaker emblems can be fully obtained throughout the whole Mirroria Tour event.

What are your thoughts about the Mirroria Tour event in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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