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Tower of Fantasy announces the launch of Cobalt-B, the new Fire simulacrum

The new Fire Simulacrum is locked and loaded to join the fray!

Tower of Fantasy has officially announced the arrival of a new Simulacra Cobalt-B in the Global version of the game. She will arrive in the game during the ongoing Vera Orienteering and Wheel of Fantasy events that start after the September 27, 2022, maintenance update.

Cobalt-B to debut in the upcoming Tower of Fantasy update

Cobalt-B wields a flame weapon called the Blazing Revolver that is oriented towards powerful charged attacks and has a unique Discharge that can remove all debuffs currently inflicted on the character. Cobalt-B will become a valuable member of the core Fire team with her Supporting abilities and kit.

Cobalt-B’s Limited banner will arrive on 6th October in the game and will last for about 20 days. The previous limited Simulacra Claudia’s banner will also stay in parallel with Cobalt-B for a few days before the banner period is expired.

Cobalt-B is a mechanical engineer in the Hykros tech development team; to be more precise, she works in the exclusive Weapon development division, where she creates highly efficient and lethal weapons. Her expertise in weapon innovation is not widely recognized in the division, but the people that are close to her know all about it. Occasionally, she joins combat operations to test and improve her weapons on the field, even when she is technically an engineer and not combat personnel.

Her birth name was never Cobalt-B but was Lunis. Her parents were gambling addicts who owed Banges a great sum of money, and because of that, they had to work in Crown Mines in harsh conditions to pay off the debt. From a young age, Cobalt-B was determined to get out of the miserable life, and that determination led her to be free from her previous life and join Hykros in a respectable position.

What are your thoughts about the launch of the special simulacrum, Cobalt-B in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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