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Tower of Fantasy Lan simulacrum is set to release on 30th March 2023

A very promising character!

Tower of Fantasy has announced that they will be releasing a brand new limited Simulacrum right when the live update of Version 2.4 is released in the Global version. The new simulacrum is named Lan and is set to release this 30th of March in Tower of Fantasy. 

The upcoming Tower of Fantasy version 2.4 is titled “Under the Grand Sea” where players get to experience a whole new region added to the map with a completely new and innovative mechanic of exploring the deep underground sea and visiting the Underwater City Innars. In this great city, the players will get to experience a new chapter in the main storyline where our heroes set their journey to try and stop the Grayspace Entities, the trailer shows us a bit of a glimpse of Lan in the game and in their Promotional art. 

Introducing Lan, and her Vermillion Bird

Lan is a Flame Defense character with her weapon ‘Vermillion Bird’ acting as a pretty Umbrella that she twirls around in her hands while also fighting deadly enemies with it. She is also known as Lord Suzaku to many, claims to be from Domain 09. Lan has a sweet and innocent appearance and expression, which makes her seem approachable. 

From the CN version of the Tower of Fantasy game, Lan seems to be a very promising character to have as she is a Flame tank character that reduces any incoming frost and flame damage while also increasing the final damage of hers and her team-mates.

She also has very high shatter and may possibly be the character with the highest shatter in the game, unless they change the multipliers in the Global release. She seems to also be an amazing character to have in a Flame team comp due to Lan adding buffs to her teammates.

Are you excited about the new simulacrum Lan in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below!

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