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Tower of Fantasy: List of all leaked characters coming in the version 3.0 update

There is no confirmation as to the order of their release yet!

Tower of Fantasy, the open-world RPG, just released the latest update of Version 2.4 in the Global version. It will only be a matter of time till they fully catch up to the CN version of Tower of Fantasy. As such, the CN version has just teased multiple PVs showing a huge update drop filled with new content and new Simulacrums starting for the new Version 3.0 and after. Just a recent trailer uploaded in Bilibili has teased an assortment of new characters and a formidable antagonist disrupting the peace. 

It just so happens that we believe the characters that stood out the most in this Trailer may very well be the upcoming Simulacrums and Weapons released in Version 3.0. Although be sure to keep in mind that there is no evidence for the order of the character banners released and the confirmation of them being playable or not. 

List of all upcoming leaked characters in Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 and after

Here are all the characters that are likely to be released with version 3.0:

1. Unknown Villainous Tall Women

The trailer starts with showing an unknown tall woman character cladded in black and white fitting, she adorns a black mask and begins playing the flute. From the trailer, we can deduce that she may have the Element ALTERED just like Lin.

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Unknown Villainous Tall Women
Image via Level Infinite

She seems to be capable of using magic abilities and spells out ancient incantations to summon dead and shadow soldiers with just a tune of the flute. Additionally, judging by the trailer, her motifs are generally butterfly themed and she appears to be an opposing party from the rest of the characters shown. 

2. Unknown Elegant Tall Woman

The trailer afterward shows us a woman sitting beside her desk, cladded in a black and white themed outfit with elegantly styled hair. She is the only character shown in the trailer that does not spring to action during the battle montage.

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Unknown Elegant Tall Woman
Image via Level Infinite

As such, we cannot clearly deduce her fighting style and technique while also analyzing what type of Element she hones (although there are some rumors that revealed that she may wield the ALTERED Element). Despite the little information that was received, it is clear that the woman will be an important figure in Version 3.0 due to her apparent appearance in the 3.0 Official Banner image. 

3. Yulan, Blue-Themed Melee Woman

One of the characters that are shown in the fighting montage of the trailer is a blue-themed woman with pigtails fighting shadowy enemies with just her fists. Her name was leaked to be called Yulan who will most likely have a Simulacrum banner in Version 3.0 as per the leaks suggests and her appearance in the Version 3.0 Banner.

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Yulan, Blue Themed Melee Woman
Image via Level Infinite

Yulan was determined to be a FROST element weapon which explains her attacks in the trailer. Judging from the style of fighting, hers appears to be a certain martial arts-styled attack animation. The appearance and character design are related to the White Tiger, known as one of the major beasts in Chinese mythology who is said to use claws and fangs to fight. 

4. Garnett: Mysterious Flame Element Girl

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Garnett Mysterious Flame Element Girl
Image via Level Infinite

The girl shown above appears in the trailer hailing a tall brush along with her. Despite being short in stature she seems to hone a fighting spirit as the girl (leaked to be named Garnett hailing the FLAME Element), defeats the onslaught of enemies targeting her way. The girl is one of the few characters that has also been shown in the Version 3.0 Banner image. It is no surprise that she has been leaked to having a Simulacrum banner in the same Version. 

5. Green-Themed Child with Fans

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Green Themed Child with Fans
Image via Level Infinite

On the surface, the green-haired and green-themed little girl appears to be wielding a Frost or Altered Element but with the crackling of the ground, we believe she seems to be an upcoming VOLT character. The girl wields dual blades and judging by her motifs and character design, she is associated with the Chinese mythology dragon Jialong. 

6. Dark-themed Sword Woman

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Dark themed Sword Woman
Image via Level Infinite

The woman shown in the image and the trailer is rumored to be another FROST Simulacrum where she appears to summon several swords around her to deal an AoE Frost damage to the surrounding enemies. Inspecting closer, we can see that the woman turns the feathers that she summons into swords. 

7. Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 characters: Tall Male Flame 

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Tall Male Flame
Image via Level Infinite

The trailer shows yet another FLAME-wielding character but this time in the form of a tall blonde male Simulacrum. His appearance seems to be Flame themed, with Yellow, Black, and Orange mixed with his character design. Upon further analysis, he wields dual blades and fights in a melee stance. His back has the insignia of the Chinese mythology dragon Zhulong. 

8. Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 characters: Zeke

Tower of Fantasy version 3.0 Zeke
Image via Level Infinite

Zeke is the only familiar character shown during the Version 3.0 PV as he is an important and known character in the Main storyline of Tower of Fantasy. As the brother of Nemesis, his personality and appearance drastically changed just like her, and appears to be wielding a large claymore-type weapon. Zeke is rumored to be a PHYSICAL character but it may be subject to change.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming leaked characters in Tower of Fantasy version 3.0? Let us know in the comments below!

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