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Towers and Titans from Rumble will bring blockchain gaming to the masses

MMORPG with blockchain integration like never before!

Towers and Titans is a free-to-play RPG, which will feature a single-player campaign adventure. There will be a lot of tower defense stages with puzzles to solve. Packed with a twist, Towers and Titans have different Titans of various classes, various dungeons, and more. The twist is the Titans in our inventory are all stable groups of NFTs, which are unique pieces of their own. This marks a considerable difference between Tower and Titans and other RPGs. These items are tradable, linking themselves to the blockchain system, and can be exchanged with fellow players. Despite being an MMORPG, Tower and Titans has integrated the system of blockchain gaming to a point, such that the experience of the game does not fall through.

Gameplay Overview

The Titans can be subjected to intense PVP combat, which can bring several groups of heroes into action. These different classes of heroes can be grouped into various elemental affinities and Natural Star Levels. Each hero individually has his own personality, traits, and skills.

Tower of Titans characters blockchain gaming
Image via Rumble

These features can be evolved further and ascended into several levels, to max out their battlefield potential. These heroes can be equipped with items, weapons and more. Titans will be combined with other heroes, who will form a complete squad.

Tower and Titans: Integration of blockchain system in gaming

Towers and Titans’ blockchain-based components exist only to improve it. This mobile MMORPG has a similar gameplay to others, despite being more attractive than others. The experience of the game will not be dwindling with the integration of blockchain and will make it less complicated than other blockchain games.

Blockchain and NFTs explained

The blockchain is a shared digital ledger that cannot be changed. It is a powerful tool for recording transactions since it cannot be changed. One can possess something if the blockchain proves it, unquestioned. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are essentially digital cryptographic assets that serve as proof of ownership.

In the game of Towers and Titans, there are various different NFTs in play. These include the likes of Tomes, equipment, and the Titans themselves. Tomes are NFTs that players can mint, and they can allow them to summon Titans. They come in different shapes and sizes, which will impact the types of Titan one can summon with them and the odds of bagging a good one. 

Players can trade Tomes along with Titans on the blockchain system. The value of items is largely determined by their rarity. Items with a natural Star Level of 5 are rarer and thus more valuable than 1-star Titans. Alongside minting Tomes and summoning Titans, players will also obtain free NFTs just by playing Towers and Titans.

Tower and Titans: Marketplace for Tomes and Titans to trade blockchain assets

The marketplace of Tower and Titans will be a trade-house for Tomes and Titans. The upgraded value of a Titan is carried with it to the marketplace, where more ascended and evolved Titans will fetch a bigger value in the market. Players can also get an advantage by acquiring a powerful Titan from a fellow player. 

Players will require more Titan NFTs to sacrifice, in order to, evolve and ascend the titans. NFTs will continuously disappear from the economy as they burn them because they won’t progress very far without upgrading the Titans. As a result, the supply will be kept in check, and Titans’ value will remain stable. Every PvP season will see the introduction of new NFTs, however, these drops will be carefully controlled.

Tower of Titans characters action
Image via Rumble

Their numbers will be limited, and players will be subject to purchase limits, just to keep everything fair and above board. New Titans and Titans that have been modified to fit the circumstances of the season in which they are introduced to the game will both be included in each seasonal NFT drop.

Final Thoughts

In the world of cryptocurrency, people will be familiar with the use of wallets. But, players who are being newly introduced to the world of blockchain games will be freshly accustomed to this term. New players will feel confused and unsafe, while doing unattractive things like set payment methods and creating accounts.

Towers and Titans simply provide the players with a wallet, when they begin playing the game, which seeks to demystify this complex subject of blockchain gaming. One won’t even be aware that they have one until it begins to accumulate assets. Players can then start trading their valuable goods by creating and linking a Rumble account. To know more about the game, players can visit the website, Discord serverTwitterInstagram, and Medium.

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