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Traha MMORPG to shut down servers ahead of Traha Infinity release

Traha Infinity to replace Traha

Traha MMORPG will shut down its servers permanently for users on April 22 as per the announcement by Moai Games. Traha was originally released for Korea in 2019 and was later expanded into Japan, despite being one of the top-selling games at the time, the game could never be released globally.

Some other rumors allege that the game couldn’t be released overseas, because the publishers at Nexon were focusing on another game. The company stated high maintenance costs as one of the reasons for the end of services and the shutdown.

Reasons behind the game being shutdown

Ever since the recent launch of Traha Infinity, which is alleged to be the sequel of Traha but starts 200 years earlier which technically makes it a prequel, the game has seen immense success since its launch it is safe to assume that there might be a global release as the company claims that Traha Infinity is their comeback into mobile gaming.

Also, Moai Games is the sole developer and publisher of the game now, which eliminates the delay that was caused by Traha and its publishers Nexon. Traha Infinity is supposedly the best mobile-optimized game by Moai Games which also has emulator support and also has 3D- high-end graphics quality.

Important updates about Traha MMORPG servers shut down

Moai Games has assured users that any unused currency in the game will be refunded and also has stated that all in-app purchases will be permanently stopped after 17th February. Any paid currency remaining unused in the user accounts will be eligible for a refund via official customer support through email.

The refund of the same will be processed and completed within a week or two by the customer support team. For more details, players can visit the official website.

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