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Tribe Gaming is crowned as the champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 North America

Tribe took home $25K prize after Clutch performance!

Popular mobile esports organization Tribe Gaming defeated Truly to become the champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 North America. Tribe gaming also went ahead by beating Turbulence by a 3-0 sweep and defeated NYSL Mayhem in the Masters Finals day 1 as well.

Winners bracket Semi-Finals of COD Mobile Masters North America

After a spectacular performance on day 1 by both the teams, they enter the Winners bracket Semi-Finals to face off against each other.

Tribe vs Truly Winners bracket semi finals
Tribe Gaming vs Truly Winners bracket semi-finals: COD Mobile Masters

The first match of the series was a Hardpoint game. Truly took an early lead in the game. Tribe tried to chase, but it was too late for them as Truly took Match 1 winning by a score of 150-96.

The second match, which was Search and Destroy game took an interesting turn. The whole game, both the teams went back and forth, putting on an amazing show. Only midway through the game did Tribe take control, but Truly came back in the clutch, winning the second game by a score of 6-5.

The third match was also quite entertaining. The mode set was Domination. Truly had the lead in the first half. Tribe Gaming fought back in the second, but couldn’t get the win. As Truly Gaming won the Winners bracket Semi-finals, sweeping Tribe gaming by 3-0. And Tribe entering the Losers bracket Finals to play against NYSL Mayhem.

After struggling to get a win against Truly, everything was on the line for Tribe Gaming in this series. And they delivered the same.

Losers bracket Finals of COD Mobile Masters North America

After losing to Tribe Gaming in the second round by 3-1, this series was a rematch set for NYSL.

Tribe vs NYSL Mayhem
Tribe vs NYSL Mayhem Losers bracket Finals: COD Mobile Masters

The first game of the series was Hardpoint on Summit. The game was close throughout. Both the teams fighting hard, putting on a show till Tribe took control in the end and winning the game by a score of 150-108.

The second match was Search and Destroy in Hackney Yard. NYSL gave their all, taking an early lead and taking absolute control over Tribe Gaming. As they win the second by a score of 6-2, to tie the series 1-1.

Match three was set as Domination on the map Crossfire. Tribe had control of the game throughout. Dominated the first half as well as the second, keeping NYSL under 100. As Tribe Gaming wins by a score of 150-97, to go up 2-1 in the series.

Match four was set as Hardpoint on Standoff. This match was close at first, till Tribe took over the game. This time absolutely outscoring NYSL by keeping them under 50. As they defeat NYSL by a score of 150-46 to close out the series and entering The Grand Finals.

Entering the Grand Finals versus Truly, this was yet another rematch on day 2, this time for Tribe Gaming as they were defeated by Truly in Winners bracket Semi-finals by 3-0.

The Grand Finals of COD Mobile Masters North America

Tribe Gaming after an amazing performance in the Losers bracket Finals entered the Grand Finals to take on known opponent, Truly. After Truly’s and Tribe’s latter performances, this series was set to be a tough one. The Grand Finals will consist of a best of 3 rounds, with each round being the best of five series.

Round 1

Tribe gaming vs Truly Gaming Grand finals
Tribe gaming vs Truly Grand finals

Match one, which was Hardpoint on Summit was worth a watch. Truly taking a huge lead in the game, making it look like an easy win. Just then, Tribe made a near-impossible comeback by taking on a 117-5 run over Truly, after being down 33-113.    And winning the game by a score of 150-118 and taking the lead in the series 1-0. Spectacular performance by Tribe Gaming in the very first game of the Grand Finals.

Match two was set as Search and Destroy on Hackney Yard. And Tribe asserting their dominance over Truly. Though every round was quite close in this match, Tribe took the win by gaining control and winning most of the gunfights, with a score of 6-0. As they go up 2-0 in The Grand Finals series.

The third match was a Domination game on Crossfire. Tribe was down 52-75 after the first half. The second half turned out to be very close. Though Tribe Gaming came back and taking control, trying to chase the lead, they came up short. As Truly took match three by a score of 150-135, winning their first game of the series, though still down 2-1.

Match four was set as Hardpoint on Standoff.  At first, the game seemed close, but just right then Tribe took the lead and kept extending. After a spectacular performance, Tribe won this game by a score of 150-110, as they take round 1 of the Grand Finals going up 1-0.

Round 2

The first match of the second-best of five series was set as Hardpoint on Summit. Tribe took a healthy lead from the start, controlling the game throughout and keeping Truly under 100. As they won the first match of round 2, by a score of 150-95, and go up 1-0 in the second-best of five series.

The second match was a Search and Destroy on Standoff. Truly took the lead early, though Tribe Gaming tried to come back in the middle of the game, but couldn’t hold on. As Tribe lost match two by a score of 6-2. And Truly tie the series 1-1.

The third match was set as Domination on Raid. Truly had a great start as they lead by 30 in the first half, 75-45. The second round was hard-fought as Tribe gave their all but couldn’t chase the lead. And Truly, winning match three by a score of 150-133 to go up 2-1 in round two of the finals.

Match 4 was quite interesting to watch, which was set as Hardpoint on Crossfire. The game was very close throughout. Both teams going back and forth all game. Tribe had taken the lead in the near end, as they clutched match 4, though Truly did try to come back. And Tribe winning match 4 by a score of 150-136 and tied the series 2-2.

The fifth and final match of the series was set as Search and Destroy on Hackney Yard.  This was also a win-or-go-home match for Truly. Tribe Gaming showed no weakness in this match, gaining control over Truly Gaming by planning great strategy. They won the game by a score of 6-1 as they win round 2 and The Grand Finals.

Tribe Gaming crowned champions of COD Mobile Masters 2021 North America

After getting swept by Truly in Winners bracket Semi-Finals, Tribe Gaming came back strong, dominating Losers bracket Finals. Making their way up to the Grand Finals, where Tribe Gaming beat the 2nd best team of the bracket to become COD Mobile champions. Amazing performance by Tribe Gaming, putting on a show in every series after losing in Semi-Finals. Also taking home $25K after being crowned NA champions.

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