Ubisoft partners with Riot Games to stop player toxicity in in-game chats

Ubisoft and Riot Games team up to combat in-game toxicity!

In-game toxicity has increased a lot in recent times, and henceforth Ubisoft and Riot Games have come together to take a step against this. Toxicity in in-game chats harms a lot of players. It even demotivates them while they go through their leisure time. Thus, Zero Harm in Comms is a newly collaborated project between Ubisoft and Riot Games. The project is to reach out and help the players to have an eco-friendly game space. 

Ubisoft and Riot Games aim to achieve Zero Harm in Comms

It has been revealed that Ubisoft and Riot Games are planning to use their anonymized database to get into the game’s integral system. This will help the companies to know about the mitigating behaviors that are going on between the players in-game.

Yves Jacquier and Wesley Kerr, head of Tech Research at Riot Games mentioned that they were very much disappointed with the current scenario inside the game which is just full of toxicity. They added that this is a much bigger problem for any company compared to others. They will go through the portfolios of their respective game data and go through players’ text data which is also known as, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Information.

Ubisoft Riot Games in-game toxicity
Yves Jacquier and Wesley Kerr (Image via Ubisoft)

As mentioned, this will help in knowing about the toxicity and the keywords used to insult other players. Yves Jacquier and Wesley Kerr want to cumulatively make an AI that will help them to find out the cursed words and help the Zero Harm in Comms team to know about the toxicity. 

Zero Harm in Comms targets to build a better gaming community

According to Wesley Kerr, both companies want players to know about actions as the community will become safer than before. Additionally, the Heads said that the vision and the communication in the mind of the players will change with this huge project.

The team’s been working for the past 6 months and is willing to share their plans and strategies with the gaming community in the coming years. Both companies have agreed to clean the environment and make a reliable experience for the players. 

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Image via GamingonPhone

Ubisoft and Riot Games have thought of a real-world problem and are working towards making gaming community more safer and player-friendly. The companies are planning to invade the data of players’ Personal Information to go through the Text data. And therefore judge the conversation with other players. The company seems very optimistic about the project and will surely make the community the best one for gamers. 

What are your thoughts as Ubisoft and Riot Games join hands to stop in-game toxicity? Let us know in the comments below!

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