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Uncharted Waters Origin July 2023 update brings a new Admiral, S Grade mate, and more

The princess of Ahmadnagar who dreams of being a sultan, Admiral ‘Chand Bibi’ is here!

The sandbox RPG game, Uncharted Waters Origin, which is supported by LINE Games and co-created by Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES, released its latest update on July 19, 2023. The upgrade added the new Admiral, “Chand Bibi,” and a new S Grade mate, “Christopher Columbus.”

Uncharted Waters Origin introduces new Admiral, ‘Chand Bibi’, S Grade mate and new assault boss

Ahmadnagar’s princess, “Chand Bibi,” is the new S Grade Admiral. She decides to set sail to fulfill her ambition of becoming a sultan. As she protects the realm against the Mughal Empire, users who receive “Chand Bibi” can follow her story and go on sea voyages without using Energy. Players can get 5 Roberts Tickets, a Superior Mate EXP Potion, a Superior Mate Ticket, and a Superior Item Ticket by finishing her Chronicle.

Uncharted Waters Origin July 2023 update
Image via LINE Games

Christopher Columbus, a new S Grade mate, can raise Critical Chance during melee combat, enhance the likelihood of finding high-quality loot when spelunking, and raise Fleet Speed.

In the game’s ‘Assault’ content , where players team up to battle a boss, a new boss named ‘Thomas Tew’ has been added. Users who have attained Company LV 55 or higher can play “Thomas Tew,” an Indian Ocean privateer. His strong skills include the ability to summon a fire ship that launches self-destructive strikes, Ram strikes that drive adversaries away, and skills that strip control. Users can get a variety of items when defeating him, including A Grade gear and parts, depending on the overall damage they deal.

The July 2023 update increases Max Company LV and brings a special new event

The maximum user count for the Company LV has gone up from 75 to 90. New city waterways, Hagta, Atuona, and Mahina, have opened as a result of this recent surge. Additionally, Grade 16 ships have been added, and the maximum Ship Build LV has been raised to LV 16. The addition of a new Ship Disguise system allows users to alter the appearance of ships with a Blueprint LV of 10 or higher.

Uncharted Waters Origin July 2023 update
Image via LINE Games

From July 19 through August 8, a Combat Support Special Attendance event will be hosted where users can obtain a variety of rewards. All players can get Appearance items like La Fomain’s Chapeau and La Fomain’s Vestments as well as other miscellaneous items required for growth by playing the game for a total of 14 days during the event.

What are your thoughts about the July 2023 update in Uncharted Waters Origin? Let us know in the comment section below!

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