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UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 ‘Ganida’ update to bring a new ‘Season Mode’ and more

Act 12 Ganida awaits!

The Episode 3 Act 12 ‘Ganida’ update for hack and slash ARPG UNDECEMBER is scheduled to release on April 27. Following the release of the third episode, “Ortemis,” the future update for “Ganida” will include a significant story update. Rune hunters can take advantage of fresh stories and content in the maritime country of “Ganida.”

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida Update: Oerview

There are 18 stages and 9 themes in “Ganida.” The recently added stages also depict the characteristics of coastal topography because the “Ganida” region is mostly situated on the sea. Users entering Act 12 can enjoy the new plot while exploring new locales like “Plankland,” “Stardust Mud Flats,” “Coastal Forest,” “Lonely Stone Path,” “House of Stenella,” and “And Throat of Greed.”

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

With this, a total of 20 new runes—13 new skill runes and 10 new connection runes—have been upgraded. Rune growth can now reach a maximum level of 40, enabling the development of more potent skills.

New Monsters and Bosses

new monsters
Image via LINE Games

In the game “Ganida,” more than 40 new common monsters are introduced. Six new boss creatures have also been included, one of which is “Lighthouse Keeper Ohorz.” “The Golden Ring,” “Four-Legged Bartus,” “Luchebrama,” and “Castilla the Swimming Fortress.” To encourage people to push themselves, random bonuses have been added that only affect certain boss monsters.

Adjustable Act difficulty

Following Ortemis, the “Challenge Mode” is also used in Ganida. The ‘Ganda’ Challenge Mode is made to be appropriate for users who have completed Act 11 in the same mode. Users can anticipate higher benefits like “Stardust of Evolution II” because it is harder than the challenge of regular. The following are the distinctions between the “Normal” and “Challenge” difficulty settings:

  • Party play is not permitted in “Challenge Mode.”
  • There is a restricted opportunity to revive throughout the boss level three times when playing in “Challenge Mode.”
  • The ‘Chaos Dungeon’ that was previously generated will be closed if you switch the difficulty setting from ‘Normal Mode’ to ‘Challenge Mode’.

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update to feature new in-game content and story

New weapon: ‘Bow Gun’

Only pirates at Elderridge Bay utilize the special “Bow Gun,” which shoots tiny explosives fastened to tiny bolts. When the “Bow Gun” is equipped as a single weapon, the “Ammo Belt” can be added as a sub-equipment. The “Bow Gun” can also be equipped as a dual weapon.

Bow Gun
Image via LINE Games

The Bow Gun has an exclusive overheat gauge technology that sets it apart from other guns on the market. With this weapon, performing skills causes the gauge to fill up to the point where it enters the “Overheat” condition and prevents the usage of skills.

New solo content: ‘The Throne of Time’

This update introduces ‘The Throne of Time,’ a constellation investigation connected to the memories of a particular character from the ‘Undecember’ story.

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

In the Throne of Time, a constellation exploration feature added in this version, users can strategically choose the next level by looking into the memories of “Aranea” and “Creuze” from Episode 3 Act 11 “Ortemis” and using feelings like joy, grief, wrath, and enjoyment as valuable resources.

Depending on the user’s memory selections, The Throne of Time also contains a function that increases the likelihood of earning rewards or increases the number of awards obtained. Users can acquire ‘Zodiac Stones’ through this material that can be given Zodiac Traits.

New content: ‘Wanted’ & ‘Black market’

In the new feature “The Wanted,” players can accept missions from the “Ribjaw” or “Stenella” factions that require them to kill particular Chaos Dungeon monsters to earn “Pirate Coins.”

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

After finishing the Act 12 “Towards the Future” quest, it becomes accessible by visiting two hideaway places in the “Saluto area” and can be found there. Users can buy items from the black market, which is run by each faction, by using the bounty they get from wanted content and the items there are updated frequently.

black market
Image via LINE Games

Additionally, some artefacts that can only be acquired on the black market can have characters attached to them. The option to acquire uncommon goods and artefacts that are only available on the black market is provided by this material, which also increases the enjoyment of playing Chaos Dungeon. Users might look for a chance to obtain fantastic riches as well.

New Stage Event: ‘Serpens Statue’

The “Ganda” update includes a new stage event called “Serpens Statue,” which can emerge when a player enters the Chaos Dungeon.

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

You can get rewards if you defeat all the unique monsters that are summoned when you access the “Serpens Statue” by defeating them all. The things associated with artefacts that may be purchased on the black market are the principal prizes of “Serpens Statue.”

New Decent Raid ‘Deliverer of Judgment: Evermund’

This update introduces ‘Deliverer of Judgement: Evermund,’ a brand-new Decent raid that is only available to players who have reached level 95 or higher. This raid requires a matched 8-person crew, and in addition to the user’s abilities, cooperation with other Rune Hunters who join the raid with them is essential.

Image via LINE Games

Deliverer of Judgement: Evermund, a strong monster with both “fire” and “poison” qualities, is the raid boss. He is a level 130 monster. When you defeat “Evermund,” you may receive a “Magic/Rare Rune Stone Selection Box,” from which you can select the “Gemstone of Courage” and the “120-level Rune Stone.”

Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update brings newly improved Season Mode and other changes in UNDECEMBER

With the addition of the update on April 27, “Season Mode” will be significantly improved, offering users even more entertaining and difficult features through combats and item farming for growth, which are the foundation of the Hack-and-Slash genre.

The Season Mode for UNDECEMBER will run for three to four months. The objective is to deliver a growing sensation that is approximately three times faster than the game content to give consumers a novel hack-and-slash experience. Before beginning Season, users can create new characters, and once the season is over, they can play in Standard Mode with the character they developed in Season Mode.

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

Users are now able to create new characters to develop in this mode when the first season begins. Additionally, they can use existing characters in Standard Mode to keep playing and developing their characters. The inclusion of the Season Mode has improved both the item drop rate and the character growth pace in both modes, making for more thrilling gameplay than previously.

After the season is over, characters developed in Season Mode will be converted to Standard Mode characters, where they can continue to play. No separate specific modes will be provided in the first season, but starting in the second season, detailed options like “Hardcore Mode” and “Solo Mode” will be added based on difficulty to increase users’ sense of challenge.

Season Mode and Standard Mode


With a focus on novelty and challenge, a new character is produced in the Season Mode at level 1 every season. The Standard Mode, on the other hand, allows players to keep using their current characters, including those who have been relocated from a previous season, and enjoy gameplay with them.

Players can exchange equipment and runes that they have obtained while leveling up their characters in the Standard Mode. Moreover, some tasks are only open to Season characters, and successful completion of these challenges earns Season-only awards that can be applied to the Standard Mode even after the Season has ended. Both Season and Standard Modes allow the use of rewards like pets and costumes.

Players receive ranking awards based on where they place in each game, and rankings are computed independently for each mode. Some content is handled differently in each mode, including “Alchemy,” “Black Market,” “Title,” “Achievement,” and “Mastery.” The higher value between the two modes is therefore utilized as the benchmark for integration once the Season is over and a character is switched to benchmark Mode. This also applies to content with a finite amount of attempts, such as mileage, “Chaos Statue Level,” “Chaos Compendium,” “Item Compendium,” and “Relic.”

In terms of cash, “Diamond” and “Ruby,” which can be bought, can be used in any mode, while “Gold,” “Stones,” and “Coins,” which are earned through gaming, are segregated and can only be used in the modes for which they were earned. All currency and goods amassed throughout a season’s playthrough will be carried over to the Standard Mode. However, when the season is through, the Coins gathered from the sought quests will vanish.


Character growth speed (including item drop rates) is sped up with the advent of the “Season Mode,” and the “Standard Mode” is also affected by this change. The feature is distinguished by a reduction that is around three times lower than the prior value.

As a result, balance modifications and system improvement upgrades will be released one after another starting with the first Season update. Additionally, there is no distinction between modes while using goods that improve attractiveness and convenience, such as pets, Zodiac Walkers, and clothes. Pets and warehouse slots that have already been purchased can also be used without mode differentiation.

Season Mode: Updates and Changes

1. Expanding Tradable Items

This update will increase the range of goods that can be traded through the auction house and “combined auction house.” Users can more readily find goods required for character development. They can also trade the stuff they have earned via games in a wider variety of ways.

2. Basic inventory slots increased

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

Users will now have access to a 300-item default inventory (in a character), up from the current 150-item limit. As hack-and-slash games frequently require players to farm a variety of goods while playing, the increased number of default inventory slots would greatly improve user convenience.

Users who previously used cash to increase their inventory spaces will get a refund as a result of this update.

3. Guild member benefits increased and revamped Guild system

Within the guild, a new system for triggering guild bonuses will be implemented. It will act as “personal buffs” instead of “guild buffs,” as it did previously. It is simpler to use guild buffs because guild members can purchase the same buff numerous times (for up to 6 hours).

4. Changes to Rune Balance and Engraving System

Runes and inscriptions will function differently in a future version that takes user input into account. It will no longer be possible to achieve awakening effects through inscriptions that are “random” but rather “specified.” This lessens a load of inscription because users can now define the awakening effect they desire.

Along with this adjustment, the balance of “Skill Runes” and “Link Runes,” had some variations in some goods by region (Korea/Global). They will be adjusted equally as part of the “Season Mode” addition and “Global Service Integration.” Runes that were comparatively unpopular will be entirely rebalanced, increasing their diversity and usefulness.

5. Account-wide sharing for Alchemy System and changes in Slot Expansion Method

All characters inside each account in both Season and Standard modes will share the same Alchemy slots due to the “Alchemy System” being converted to mode-specific account-sharing content. This enables users to create a wide range of characters more quickly than before.

In addition, a new format for “Alchemy Slots” expansions has been implemented through content achievement incentives. This includes gameplay-based unlocking and in-game purchases made using an “Access Pass” system. While some sockets can only be accessed through gaming, the remainder can be opened with a “pass.” The in-game currency that was used to pay for previously purchased slot expansions will be reimbursed.

6. Faster and more diverse growth experience, Experience point adjustment for growth-oriented content & shortening of period for periodic content

The update will change how many experience points are needed for growth-based content like “Rune Growth,” “Characters,” “Relic,” and “Mastery” that depend on gaining experience points. This is done to lessen the load of user growth and to make growing more quickly more fun.

Additionally, the new content cycle for periodic material will be cut to two weeks from the previous three-week operation. Users will thus be able to take in a greater diversity of content within the same amount of time.

7. Season Ranking and Ranking Shop

season ranking
Image via LINE Games

Rankings for Season Mode and Standard Mode are computed independently. In addition, a ranking that is solely open to characters from that season has been included. The character with the highest score in the account is listed as the owner of the information listed in the ranking. Ranking coins and decorative items can be bought at the Ranking Shop as a ranking reward.

8. Seasonal challenges

UNDECEMBER Episode 3 Act 12 Ganida update
Image via LINE Games

Only characters from the current season will be able to take part in the new season-specific challenges. Success in these tasks will result in prizes that are season-specific. While the season is still going on, account-wide incentives like costumes and pets. It can be acquired through season challenges can also be used in ordinary mode.

Other changes

  • The Chaos Statue’s level will be divided into each season’s normal mode. It will be expanded to enable up to +20 levels with Chaos Cards during each season.
  • Levels will be eliminated to lessen the barrier to utilization for crafting. Instead, extra materials will be entered based on the item level and suffix tier of the chosen option. The ratio will determine how much of the resources used to level up existing characters’ characters will be reimbursed.
  • To increase the fun component of gameplay, various event stages will be incorporated into episodes and Chaos Dungeons.
  • To increase the enjoyment of learning about the character’s background, “The Throne of Time” information will be streamlined and event components incorporated through this content.
  • Content from “Raid” will be deleted. Instead, “Decent Raid” will be improved (split into Normal and Hard modes) and the prizes for the Decent Raid will be more in-depth, enabling more fun and less taxing raid play as long as the requirements are met.
  • The prior three-day waiting time for deleting characters will now just last three hours. Additionally, the character name of the removed character can be used once more after the character deletion is finished thanks to changes made to the system regulations for character name reuse.

Integration of global services

Global services will be incorporated as part of this update, enabling formerly region-specific material to be standardized under global service standards.

This service integration will result in the establishment of a new “Combined Auction house,” which will allow users from all over the world to participate in addition to the previously server-specific “auction house.” This should make both playing games and utilizing the built-in exchange more enjoyable.

Addition of new Combined Auction House

The new “Combined Auction House,” where things from all servers can be traded, is now built as a result of the service integration. The Unified Exchange allows users to trade a variety of items listed on regional servers from North America, Europe, Korea, and Asia.

The currently functioning auction house, which was run by a server, will likewise be kept up. The ability to “bid” and some trade item categories are the main functional distinctions between the Auction house and the “Combined Auction House.”

combined auction house
Image via LINE Games

The ‘Combined Auction House’ only allows “immediate purchase” transactions and some items cannot be registered. All tradeable items may be registered in the current Auction house, and the bidding feature may be used as before.

Items and rubies that were not received in the auction house previous to service integration will be given via in-game mailbox. The “Combined Auction House” and the “Auction House” are operated separately in “Season Mode” and “Standard Mode.”

Revamped Store focusing on customization, convenience features, and auction house

With a noticeable increase in the number of things available in the auction house, the Store of UNDECEMBER will be completely redesigned with an emphasis on the auction house, customization, and practical features.

This is because the Season Mode was added, giving users even more agricultural fun by enabling the trading of previously inaccessible goods like charms and rune stones. Alchemy spaces will be added to the Store as a perk when purchasing a pass, among other convenience updates to the store.

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