Unity apologizes for the Runtime Fee policy, commits to implementing changes

Unity to make some updates to its fee policy!

Unity has been facing some backlash from the community regarding the new Runtime Fee policy they announced to implement. Unity has confirmed it via their Twitter Handle and has stated that they are actively in talks with their team to update the Runtime Fee policy and clear up the confusion surrounding the new policy.

Unity promises to clear up the confusion and update the runtime fee policy in a couple of days

Unity really raised a few eyebrows with their runtime fee policy where they mentioned that the developers would be charged per install of the games. The policy had some prerequisites that the game had to fulfill to be charged the amount per install.

For instance, there is a specific amount of revenue threshold and install threshold that the game had to fulfill in the last 12 months so that the amount could be charged from further new installs.

The policy is set to go live on January 1, 2024, however, with all the confusion and controversy, it could be further postponed to a future date. The whole confusion started when Unity stated that they would charge $0.20 per install for any game with more than 200,000 installs.

Now all of this would be done in terms of downloads, however, in today’s world downloads is a very broad word to begin with. Unity did not clarify the term download and hence a lot of confusion followed.

unity runtime fee rate table
Image via Unity

Unity acknowledges the confusion and clarifies the term downloads

The developers were unsure whether the term download was used for first-time downloads or for the returning players who downloaded the game after uninstalling it first. This vague explanation of the term download instilled confusion among the community with many fearing being charged for multiple downloads from the same users.

Although Unity did try to explain a little bit that only new and unique installs would be charged, the confusion was still not solved and now they have stated that in a couple of days time, they will come back with an update to solve this confusion regarding the new policy once and for all.

The community is still not satisfied with the response with many asking the policy to be rolled back, however with the looks of it appears that chances of that happening would be slim. Unity tried to calm down the backslashes it faced by answering a few questions that the developers had in place.

However the developers were still not convinced and now, Unity has asked for a couple of days time to come up with a detailed follow-up update to clear everything up.

What are your thoughts on Unity working on its Runtime Fee policy for an update? Let us know in the comments below!

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