UNO! Mobile adds a new game mode titled All-Skips Mode for April Fools Day

Experience 48 hours of unskippable fun!

Mattel163, a major video game publisher and creator, has added a new game mode to the card game UNO Mobile for April Fools Day. With each player’s deck consisting solely of Skip Cards during the “Wild Weekend,” the game takes on a unique spin.

The new game mode runs for 48 hours from April 1 in UNO! Mobile

This frantic mode, which starts on April 1 and lasts for just 48 hours, can be reached through Wild Weekend in the app’s main lobby. Every participant will receive the special “Oops! All skips!” phrase reward.

Players will be rushing to shout “UNO” and empty their hands in the first round of the game because there are only Skip Cards accessible. The All-Skip option cannot be skipped! Players who choose not to participate in this time-limited mode will still be tricked into entering an “All-Skips” match. Please be aware that this option does not affect a player’s in-game coins.

UNO Mobile April Fools Day
Image via Mattel163

“We always want to bring wildly unpredictable fun to UNO! Mobile in Wild mode. So this April Fools Day, we wanted to fill players’ hands with one of the most popular action cards in UNO! Mobile – Skip! Who said there can’t be too much of a good thing? In Wild Weekend, we keep bringing new rules and special cards.” said Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163.

With its quick-paced gameplay and highly unpredictable fun, UNO! Mobile keeps bringing the cherished, well-known UNO format to international digital audiences. The limited-edition April Fools Day “All-Skips” offers new fun to players everywhere as Mattel163 strives to link the world through play.

Are you excited as UNO Mobile brings All-Skips Mode on April Fools Day? Let us know in the comment section below!

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