Valorant Mobile development going great, will not come out until it feels amazing on mobile, says Riot officials

Still no details on release period!

Valorant Mobile has been a curious case ever since its announcement. Despite being in active development for over two years, the game is yet to give us a major announcement apart from the titbits of its gameplay. The recent interview from Riot Games officials has confirmed that the development progress is going great, but Valorant Mobile will not come out until it feels amazing on mobile and their main focus is to do the same.

Valorant Mobile is making great progress which has been challenging but fun

Whalen Rozelle, Chief Operating Officer, Esports at Riot Games, and Anna Donlon, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer for Valorant sat with Esports Inquirer to discuss about the international events, fan reactions, and Valorant updates. A small segment was about the upcoming action title, which was promising but not so helpful for those waiting for an update.

They quoted: “I think people are really hungry for an update on VAL Mobile. We have not given one and we’re very consciously not giving an update right now because I think as soon as we do, players are going to start wanting to know when it’s going to launch and all that.”

Image via Riot Games

They added that development team’s primary focus at the moment is to ensure that they create a highly satisfying and enjoyable mobile version of Valorant. The game will not get a launch until and unless the game is satisfying to play on mobile while looking amazing on all aspects. Currently, there has been a challenging yet fun environment in terms of development, which is going great according to them.

Regarding updates, the team plans to reveal more information about the potential release and launch date of Valorant Mobile in the future. Until then, there might not be major announcements. However, they are well aware of the opportunity to cater to Valorant players in regions where the mobile platform could better serve better than PC, but before that, they plan to make sure is the game is a good one.

There were concerns of slowed development of Valorant Mobile earlier this year

The recent interview provides a glimmer of hope that Valorant Mobile may not only be released soon but also offer an excellent mobile gaming experience. However, it’s worth noting that earlier this year in January, there were concerns about the development progress of the game, which seemed to have experienced a slower pace.

This was really disappointing to hear since it was nearly two years since Riot Games made the announcement of the Valorant mobile game back in June 2021. The recent interview does give the fans a glimmer of hope to see the game launch soon.

What are your thoughts on Riot officials stating that the development of Valorant Mobile is going great? Let us know in the comments below!

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