Vampire Survivors launches new fantasy-themed DLC expansion Tides of the Foscari

The high fantasy trope-a-thon is now available!

Indie Studio Poncle released the latest DLC for their popular game Vampire Survivors. The new DLC, titled Tides of the Foscari, is a high fantasy-themed addition to the game and will be available for mobile platforms at a price of $1.99/€1,99/£1.59. Alongside the DLC, a small patch (version 1.4.0) will also be launched, featuring a new power-up called Seal which allows players to seal up to 10 items and weapons, preventing them from appearing during a run.

Additionally, four new songs, including a kazoo version of the game’s theme which has been highly demanded by fans, will be included in the patch. The launch of v1.4.0 also sees the new engine available on Steam in an optional Beta branch for players who want to test it early. Players will need to update to v1.4.0 by rebooting Steam before starting Tides of the Foscari for the game to load properly.

Discover the Enchanted World of Tides of the Foscari in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Tides of the Foscari
Image via Poncle

Tides of the Foscari, crafted by Poncle, presents a fantastical tale filled with familiar hero folklore tropes. The story is teeming with formidable swordsmen, cunning mages, and agile rogues, bringing together a plethora of cliches and possibly even inventing new ones. Set within the vast Foscari Academy, hidden deep within a continent-sized forest, the story follows three students, each hailing from one of the Academy’s three houses – The Azure Tower, The Crimson Anvil, and The Amber Sickle.

As they embark on an adventure in the enchanted forest, they encounter mythical creatures and face challenges, all while reveling in the whimsical atmosphere without any interruptions. The tale is rich with unique characters, powerful weapons, captivating music, and fearsome beasts, providing ample excitement and intrigue for readers to delve into.

Tides of the Foscari bring exciting new content to Vampire Survivors

The following new content will be available in the game:

  • Eight new characters including the central trio:
    • Eleanor – Star pupil of The Azure Tower and a skilled magic user, Eleanor is as bright as she is shy.
    • Maruto – Undefeated champion of The Crimson Anvil. Stern, brooding, but with a heart of gold beneath his scowl, Maruto is a man of few words and a strong arm.
    • Keitha – Sly, quick-witted, and fun-loving, Keitha will do anything for a bit of adventure and levity. Deliberately stays near the bottom of class rankings in The Amber Sickle to avoid the hassle.
  • A brand new stage
    • Lake Foscari –  An enchanted forest stuffed with fae mysteries, mythological entities, and beasts you’d find in any given RPG bestiary. The perfect place to have an average adventure with zero complications.
  • 13 new weapons, including:
    • SpellString
    • Eskizzibur
    • Flash Arrow
    • Prismatic Missile

There will also be 2 new Survivors feature attack animations, 7 music tracks, 21 achievements, and more.

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