War of the Giant, a new strategy title enters early access for Android in select regions

Time for some advanced strategies!

Giant Network’s latest strategy game, War of the Giant, is now available in early access for Android users in select regions. In this game, in the shoes of a Lord, your mission is to build a flourishing kingdom of elves, focusing on resource production, technological advancements, and building a mighty army.

War of the Giant allows players to train and play with dragon

The first look of the game seems to give off “build, train, and play” even though the cinematic imagery says otherwise. The graphics are pretty decent and mixes both fantasy and strategy. The latter is the main element here, as players have to progress by crafting flexible army compositions and devising battle plans, they can conquer different enemies and overcome ever-evolving challenges.

War of the Giant gameplay
Image via Giant Network

On a global scale, players will have the opportunity to engage in thrilling battles against opponents from all corners of the globe. The game’s diverse server fosters an environment where players can test their skills against an international player base, immersing themselves in a diverse range of gaming experiences.

While embarking on thrilling dungeon adventures, players have the unique opportunity to raise and train their very own dragon. This powerful animal can be unleashed in battles, showcasing its unique skills and combat prowess, thus adding an extra dimension of dragon companionship to its strategic endeavors.

Players from select regions can get the game including those from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia on their Android devices via the Google Play Store. No info for iOS players is given yet, for which you can keep an eye on the official site.

What are your thoughts on War of the Giant entering early access for Android in select regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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