War Robots brings its PvE game mode titled Extermination

War Robots expands to the PvE zone!

War Robots, the acclaimed PvP mobile shooter from Pixonic Team, is releasing its permanent PvE mode, “Extermination. It is now accessible in the most recent update 8.8, according to MY.GAMES.

Experience War Robots from a different perspective with the new PvE mode, Extermination

The experiment was a big and risky one because very few developers have tried to bring PvE to PvP games. War Robots has always been known as a game about players fighting other players since its 2014 release. However, the development team has been considering the addition of PvE since the game’s inception. Users can now take a break from heated multiplayer battles and explore War Robots Universe from a different angle.

At Pixonic Tech Days, where each team member can take a break from their regular duties and experiment and get creative, the idea for Extermination was first conceived. In May 2022, a very early PvE event with a short lifespan was present in War Robots. It was only a question of time before PvE was added to the game, given the positive response and the growing demand from players for a mode like this.

“At times, players’ ideas can diverge from developers’ vision, but that was not the case with the PvE mode in War Robots. It seems like anyone who has ever played the game has dreamt about it at least once. So when the opportunity arose to make it a reality, it was a perfect storm: players had been asking for it, and the team couldn’t wait to deliver. It was a challenging project, but also a fun and exciting thing to do.” stated Boris Burangulov, Executive Producer of War Robots.

Pick a squad of mechs and fight giant robotic spiders across different levels in Extermination

War Robots PvE Mode Extermination
Image via MY.GAMES

Extermination requires players to select a team of mechs and battle enormous robotic spiders across various levels to earn valuable rewards. The challenges and rewards increase with each stage.

First, commanders will deal with Ticks, little enemies that don’t pose much of a danger on their own but frequently attack in swarms. Even experienced players will face a significant threat from late-game foes, and Bastion, the Extermination’s boss, is waiting on the final level. Players may try the run as many times as they like, and the overall progress is reset every few weeks.

Start off the adventure with a very special cinematic for the PvE mode in War Robots. It explains how legendary pilot Nessa Riggs, the central character of Extermination, first encountered the Grey Swarm.

What are your thoughts as War Robots brings its PvE mode, Extermination? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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