War Thunder Edge is a new military action game announced, based on the popular IP

Closed Beta testing to begin soon!

Gaijin Entertainment announced that War Thunder Edge, a brand-new military action online game for mobile devices, is currently in production and will start Closed Beta testing in the near future. The game, which offers mobile gamers the absolute best of the original War Thunder experience, is a spin-off of the critically acclaimed international hit War Thunder for PC and consoles. 

Take control of legendary tanks, warships, and warplanes in War Thunder Edge

Players in War Thunder Edge will command a variety of famous tanks, cruisers, and jets and engage in intense team fights. In a naval engagement, a player might, for instance, spawn in a plane and destroy an adversary battleship or shield teammates from an aerial attack.

As expected from a War Thunder game, the game will have historically accurate vehicles, realistic damage and flight models, and a progression system that has been optimized for mobile play. This will make it simple and quick for players to unlock new vehicles from every nation.

Experience top-notch graphics and compatibility with the latest technologies

A new internal team at Gaijin Entertainment working under the direction of the War Thunder original developers is creating War Thunder Edge. The game’s proprietary cross-platform Dagor engine, which also powers War Thunder, Enlisted, and other Gaijin titles, ensures excellent graphics and support for the newest technology across all platforms.

War Thunder Edge graphics
Image via Gaijin Entertainment

For instance, starting with the first day of the Closed Beta, War Thunder Edge will support the recently announced real-time Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing on mobile devices from Qualcomm Technologies. With the addition of ray-traced smooth shadows with realistic penumbras, translucency, self-shadowing, and other features, Gaijin worked together with Qualcomm to enable this sector-leading Snapdragon technology.

War Thunder Edge will be a realistic and fun action simulation on mobile

The focus of War Thunder Edge is on historical icons that have earned notoriety and offer a unique gaming experience, such as the Tiger tank, Il-2 Sturmovik attack jet, and Yamato battleship. Numerous vehicles from the World War II lineups of the USA, Germany, Japan, UK, and USSR will be included in the Closed Beta version, and later updates will bring newer vehicles all the way up to contemporary military equipment.

Light and heavy tanks, self-propelled weapons, air defense systems, fighters and bombers, destroyers, cruisers, and battleships will all be available for players to unlock. The designers are experimenting heavily to build a fresh, believable, and enjoyable military action simulation for mobile devices and beyond, and they are excited to include playable submarines and aircraft carriers.

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