Warpath releases a new cinematic trailer highlighting its exciting missions, epic battles, and more

The new mini-game Tank Tower 2 is also available to play

Lilith Games unveiled a fresh Warpath trailer highlighting the thrilling sniper action, grand-scale battles, and inventive tactical strategies within the military RTS game. Warpath, accessible for free on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android, offers an array of adrenaline-pumping sniper missions, allowing gamers to sharpen their marksmanship skills both in ground combat and aerial encounters. Witness the essence of battlefield heroism and the intensity of combat in this cinematic, action-filled trailer.

Stack, win and climb for valuable rewards in Warpath’s Tank Tower 2

The recently introduced Tank Tower 2 mini-game has been made accessible for Warpath enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to acquire valuable in-game assets like assault rifles and shotguns. Engaging in Tank Tower 2 proves to be an enjoyable and straightforward experience: participants construct their tank towers by releasing blocks, and maneuvering them as they shift side to side.

Warpath announces the Brothers Unite community tournament
Image via Lilith games

As the tower ascends, the rewards grow more enticing. Climbing the ranks in the Tank Tower 2 leaderboard presents various benefits for the top 500 contenders, including multiple rewards and the chance to secure gift cards valued at up to $300.

Warpath Earns rave reviews with 35 million downloads worldwide

Boasting close to 35 million downloads worldwide and praised by seasoned professionals in the gaming industry, Warpath stands as an iconic military real-time strategy (RTS) game that invites participants to assess their valor and strategic acumen against adept commanders globally.

Continuously highlighted on the front pages of both the App Store and Google Play store, the game secures remarkable ratings of 4.7 out of 5 stars from iOS users and 4.3 out of 5 stars from Android players. With its compelling sniper engagements, intricate tactical gameplay, extensively adaptable military units, and lifelike weaponry, Warpath stands as one of today’s premier military strategy games.

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