Whalsea Legends, an ocean-themed strategy title enters early access for Android in the US

Be the king of the sea!

Whalsea Legends, a strategy game focused on building and management set in an oceanic theme, has made its debut in the early access stage for Android users in the United States. This game is a presentation from SkyRise Digital, also known for games like Tribal RiseSouls SurgeTroopers, and Endless Frost

Get a chance to be the King of the Seas in Whalsea Legends

Whalsea Legends is a multiplayer online real-time oceanic-themed strategy game, where your journey begins by taking command of a small whale and evolving into a formidable ruler of the ocean. As the name suggests, you have access to a mesmerizing 3D ocean world, which you can also get a showcase from the trailer.

Whalsea Legends gameplay
Image via SkyRise Digital

So this is a nice overlook where you have to hit the sea depths to build and progress, speaking of which, we have a distinctive progression system where you start with a small whale. You grow it by consuming smaller fish and develop a thriving city on its back. Upgrade city facilities and nurture Heroes with unique skills to tackle upcoming challenges.

Each Hero in the game comes with unique features and upgrade paths that you access as you progress. Defenses and other items need to be strategically placed to get the best results, which is the norm in most games you come across. Coming to game modes, you get to challenge players from around the globe in thrilling arena battles, where you also have a mode featuring intense 5v5v5 battles.

Whalsea Legends is now accessible for Android users in the United States as early access, a pattern SkyRise Digital has followed for almost all its games. If from the region, you can download and play from the Google Play Store. However, the developers have not yet disclosed the official release date for iOS or the global release.

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