WHAT THE CAR, a new absurd racing game is now available on Apple Arcade

A super-silly adventure about a car with legs!

Indie Studio Triband, best known for their indie hits WHAT THE GOLF and WHAT THE BAT, is now focusing on a fresh environment: the racetrack. “WHAT THE CAR” is an absurd racing game in which you take control of a car with legs that was surprisingly released today for Apple Arcade.

Roll, jump, fly, and sneeze your way to victory in WHAT THE CAR

Race through hundreds of different stages while doing just about everything you can’t do in a typical racing game, like jumping, using jetpacks to soar, scaling towering buildings, delivering presents, and more.

The necessity for speed isn’t the only factor. Discover new companions, undiscovered treasures, and amusing puzzles by exploring the several islands (hint: look behind the waterfalls!). In addition, gamers have the option of creating their bizarre levels, sharing them with friends and family, or competing for top rankings on player-created insane levels.

The game brings exciting silly adventure full of racing, laughs, and surprises

What The Car features a new exciting new world, including:

  • A world to explore: Rush headlong into a fun world filled with riddles, companions, and secret treasures.
  • Make your own levels: With speed pads and cuddly bears, you can create your crazy levels. Climb the leaderboards of other handmade levels or share yours with pals!
  • Silly as hell: Racing is only the beginning. You’ll be doing things like flipping burgers, swimming, fishing, and CAR-a-oke.
  • No skills needed: This game is purely for fun and won’t in any way help you become a better driver. It will only make matters worse.
  • Spoiler alert: This paragraph contains spoilers. You can add a spoiler to the back of a car to make it seem stylish.

Players can now download and play WHAT THE CAR from Apple Arcade.

Are you excited as WHAT THE CAR is now available on Apple Arcade? Let us know in the comment section below!

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