Wild Rift acknowledges the launch issue across Europe and other Open Beta regions

Developers are working on a fix

League of Legends: Wild Rift by Riot Games is currently carrying out their Open Beta test. Currently, they are on the second phase of their Open Beta test. According to recent reports, Riot has pre-launched the game Europe, Turkey, Russia and CIS, and the Middle East and North Africa. And according to their timeline, the game’s launch was on December 10th. But reports say that some servers were live before time and players could easily download and play. However, the players in these regions are unable to access the game which Wild Rift acknowledged in their Twitter that they are currently working on this Wild Rift Open Beta launch day issue.

Players from those servers are facing a major issue while playing the game. On the official day of launch, players were unable to get access to the game. Few of the players got matched with servers outside of those particular regions, which led to high and unplayable ping. 

Wild Rift Open Beta launch day issue to be fixed very soon

Riot confirmed it in an announcement on the official Twitter account. The message also says that the beta testing is rolling out in waves and due to some wrong scheduling, few of the locations are unable to get their hands on it. It is really a heartbreaking news for all the players who have been waiting for the game eagerly.

There is no declaration of the exact date. However, Riot’s developers are actively working to fix this issue and they will be providing a proper timeline in the upcoming week. Players can assure themselves by checking the timeline. The announcement will be available in their official Twitter handle.

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