League of Legends: Wild Rift to shut down VPN services for users outside open Beta region

No more VPN access

Bad news for die-hard players of League of Legends: Wild Rift players who are outside the open Beta region and are enjoying the game using VPN services. Riot Games took to its official Wild Rift Twitter account to announce that they are making changes for the users who are using VPN to access the login services. Therefore Riot is eventually looking to shut down access to VPN services for Wild Rift players.

Changes in VPN access for Wild Rift players

Riot has stated that Wild Rift has noticed tons of players using VPN services to play Wild Rift beta and the VPN users are a lot, a lot more than the team had expected. Wild Rift highlighted the issues players are facing due to the high volume of players using VPN. The situation has led to unplayable lag spikes for everyone and the inconvenience in playing due to language barriers & this has resulted in a bad in-game experience.

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To fulfill their promise of providing the best in-game experience, the Wild Rift team has explored and identified the region outside the beta region with a high volume of VPN users accessing the game and will prevent them from login into the game.

The Wild Rift team also cleared queries regarding this new policy change.

  • There would be no issues for the players in the open beta region using VPN. But if any issues persist, then they may contact the Wild Rift team.
  • The new policy change regarding using VPN services is not going to change in the nearby future. So, it is strictly restricted for other regional players to access the game.
  • There no specific countries mentioned that are blocked by the new policy, but they have stated that they would block the country with the highest number of VPN users first.

Riot Games is working hard to get Wild Rift available worldwide as quickly as possible. They are yet to update anything on the official global release date yet but the game will not go live before 2021 at the earliest. They further stated they’re disheartened to prohibit anyone from accessing LoL Wild Rift but they are doing it for the greater good. This might ultimately prove to be the right move to provide the best experience for the largest number of players.

What are your thoughts as League of Legends: Wild Rift shut down VPN users from accessing the open beta? How sad and dissatisfied are you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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