Wild Rift to take strong action against win trading and match fixing

Penalties imposed on players cheating!

Finally, Riot Games is not only addressing the fraudulent behaviour which has been going on in high ranks in League of Legends: Wild Rift amongst all servers but also is systematically taking action against win trading. The official Twitter account has published its response to the endless amounts of players who have been speaking out about the false plays they had to witness, unfortunately. With a lot of high Elo, players build up an illegal technique to secure their high ranks called “Win Trading“.

About Win Trading in Wild Rift

As the name suggests, Win Trading is a way of guaranteeing players to win their matches and thus keeping a positive Win Rate. Since when you reach the top rank, challenger, you will compete against the same players over and over because the player’s pool on there is very small. Some players have agreed between themselves to let the other one win a match in exchange for them winning the next one in which they will meet again. 

Wild Rift win trading
Win Trading has been a problem for many players in Wild Rift

This was common in all servers, taking out the fairness of the games. The worst part was for the players, who were in the teams and unaware of the cheater’s intentions. Even playing honestly by the rules, these players were the victim of cheating. They were left losing LP and characters points for no reason. To hide all of their tracks, the cheaters played a lot of custom or PvP matches to get rid of any evidence in the match history. Luckily the Riot team finally has spoken on that topic and also took some heavy actions already.

Penalties attached to win trading

Riot cleared out what the community already thought, that win trading is a bannable offense. And by taking action, Riot Games has banned all the accounts with the highest win trading activities permanently. All other accounts with evidence of such were banned for 7 days and also demoted to the Iron IV rank. Not only is that a huge penalty, but the specific players got all their Season 1 rewards removed. These offenders are being watched and will be permanently banned as well if any repeated behavior occurs.

To the already established 7 days ban players also will have to deal with future banwaves. Additionally, the developers have addressed the leaderboard. Players who broke win trading/match-fixing rules for the first time will get banned from the leaderboard the entire season. If they get identified as repeat offenders the players will get removed from the champion leaderboard.

These actions were long overdue and Riot finally took a strong stand for Justice in their game. Some players might feel the demoting penalty is too weak but in their response, Riot makes sure to not punish innocent players who were only bystanders in the win trading matches. They also promised to work on a systemic change which details will be revealed later.

That’s all about the League of Legends: Wild Rift deciding to take actions against win trading! Best of luck with your games, and have fun! Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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