WuXia Online: Idle, a new idle card title gets an official launch for Android and iOS in SEA

Start your adventure in the world of WuXia!

WuXia Online: Idle is an idle card game that is now available in SEA regions for both Android and iOS devices. In the game, players take on the role of master of Penglai Island which is filled with amazing martial artists. The players then start their journey to Wuxia which is filled with unknown surprises, conspiracy, and adventures.

Embark on an exciting journey to experience the world of Wuxia

WuXia Online: Idle is an idle card game and players will get to learn martial arts, see battles between factions, upgrade characters, and engage in thrilling encounters. The game has amazing storylines mixed with humorous conversations, offering players to experience romance and conflicts in this amazing world of Wuxia.

WuXia Online: Idle available
Image via ForShow Games

The players can gather from more than 100 warriors, form factions, and engage in fights. Put in all their efforts to learn martial arts and make their own formation to fight their friends in the Ruins Trials. In the game, the resources that players collect will not go to waste if the players reset their warriors but they will be returned to the inventory. Players will also be able to inherit the character levels and pass them on to successors from heroes.

The game has various mysteries and conspiracies that players can solve and enjoy free exploration of places that hold buried treasures. As you progress in-game, you learn the martial arts of all factions and defeat the final bosses. The life of a Wuxia master awaits your arrival, even when you’re not playing as the auto-combat plays its part very efficiently.

WuXia Online: Idle is now available on both Android and iOS devices in Southeast Asia (SEA) via Google Play and Apple App Store. Interested players can visit the official Facebook and Twitter handles for more information on the game.

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