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XCOM Legends: The role-playing game has released on Android

XCOM franchise has published a new title!

Iridium Starfish has released a new turn-based RPG known as XCOM Legends recently on Android. The game allows players to liberate the earth as a part of the last-resistance groups on the planet, defeating the alien invaders, known as Advent. The development of the game has been under relative secrecy, where freedom has been created for developers working to test ideas for selective audiences.

Gameplay Overview

XCOM Legends features tactical combat in some form with characters chatting away with special abilities and more. The game looks like a distinct XCOM game and the War of the Chosen. Propping up the Gacha mechanics, there is a convoluted gate. This is not dissimilar to the summoning gate from Fire Emblem Heroes. In the tutorial, soldiers burst out of it, dripping in insomnia tropes, drenched with a self-awareness that somebody might just fuse them up into a stronger unit.

XCOM Legends released: Android Gameplay

Mobile has had some nice XCOM games such as XCOM, XCOM Enemy Within, and XCOM 2 with a few good UI tweaks. Although hoggy on some older devices, the interface is much better with the PC version.

Why XCOM Legends falls in auto-play Gacha RPG genre

XCOM The Bureau was a real-time, third-person RPG. It is simply because there was a perceived audience for the combination of genres and descriptors. In the case of The Bureau, it was almost certainly influenced by the surging popularity of Mass Effect. In the demand for faster RPGs, it was developed in a way where juicy numbers were in the background. ME2 had kickstarted a big movement. All of a sudden, RPGs were super accessible and cool. As a result, RPG elements had now slid into a bunch of different genres. The Bureau followed in those footsteps in the same way.

In the case of XCOM Legends, there is a clear influence from an incredibly popular game at this moment, Raid: Shadow Legends. This is a gacha RPG with a ton of hero characters. One can level them up to equip them with items, sending them off into waves of fights. In the fights, one can direct them or leave it to the AI. This description can be applied almost exactly to XCOM Legends.

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