Ylands releases Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits with a plethora of new features

A Story of Redemption!

Bohemia Interactive has announced the release of Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits for their low poly open-world adventure game Ylands. The update is the result of almost 3 years of work, during which the developers added a total of 90 features based on feedback from the community, and squashed almost 9000 bugs. This has transformed the game from a “sandbox” to a complete “adventure“. The developers of the game are confident that this update will provide an exceptional experience to attract new players.

Ylands is set to turn around its fortune with update 2.0

The Ylands development team spent almost three years redirecting the game’s focus and perception, rectifying past errors. Initially, the game followed a Roblox-like direction until late 2020. This approach proved to be unsuccessful, resulting in a decrease in the game’s player base, negative comments, and Steam’s Recent Reviews dropping to nearly 40%.

As a result, the Ylands development team had to reassess the game’s goals and work hard to repair the rifts between the game and its players. Their efforts started paying off earlier this year as Ylands hit an all-time high rating of over 80% in Steam Recent Reviews and quadrupled its player base.

Ylands’ redemption story began with Update 1.5: Enhancing Exploration‘s release in 2020. The update focused on the game’s Exploration mode, now Adventure mode, and initiated Ylands’ Era of Adventure. The development team was motivated by the update’s success, but it also brought new challenges.

Ylands Update 2.0 adventure awaits
Image via Bohemia Interactive

By paying attention to the Ylands community’s feedback, the development team overcame these challenges, and Ylands found its voice, direction, and genre. Since Update 1.5, the development team has released seven updates, added 90 features to Adventure mode, created 438 new assets, closed 4048 tasks, and fixed 8598 bugs.

Ylands 2.0 update brings a new era of adventure to the colorful world

The Ylands development team has symbolically named the most significant update in the game’s history as 2.0, which represents a new era in its development. This update reflects the team’s dedication to satisfying the desires of players who seek exciting adventures in the charming and colorful world of Ylands. Ylands Update 2.0 introduces:

  • Lore – the Classy Adventurers Guild and the first campaign-like Yland
  • Improved tutorial – smoother onboarding and new player UX
  • Handbook – helps players navigate the game and presents them with Ylands lore
  • Combat improvements – stamina, dashes, and power attacks to make combat more challenging but fun
  • Assets & Crafting – a new and simpler interface that helps players craft literally anything
  • Terrain generation – more diverse and more varied individual ylands
  • New main menu and shop – easier, less overwhelming, and simple to navigate
  • Mobile experience – quick game start with Google and Apple account logins, PC cross-platform, UX improvements 
  • Multiple gameplay improvements and content – sailing with the wind, easier fast travel, new random encounters, etc.

There are plenty more improvements to be found in Update 2.0.

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