Chess – Offline Board Game Review: Master and implement your strategies to secure the victory

Master your nerves and become a top strategist!

Chess – Offline Board Game, as the name suggests, is a casual offline game developed by GamoVation. The game is a feast for chess lovers as it lets the players develop and implement their own strategies in the game. The game gives chess a 3D approach, with a 2D view also available, players can actually feel the adrenaline rush of the battle as they try to outplay the opposition with the strategies. In this, Chess-Offline Board Game review we would try our best and rate the game from our perspective.

Experience chess based on your level

The game allows players to experience the game of chess based on their level of expertise as it offers many levels of difficulty in the game. The game’s best feature is that it lets you decide how well-equipped and great of a war strategist you are. The game offers 10 different difficulty levels the one which best suits them. There are difficulties ranging from beginner going straight to the champion level. However, Players can’t just simply choose the one which describes them perfectly.

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They have to work to unlock them in the game, as you win on beginner you progress to easy and as you win on easy you progress to middle levels. Players will have to win their spot as the master champion strategist in the game. This adds a bit of a level-based system to the game, wherein most chess board based game has nothing to offer except for the board-based game, Chess – Offline Board offers a level-based metric system where players can actually test out their strategy and actually see themselves progress as great chess players.

This feature makes sure that players get the chance to level up according to their skill set and make sure that they learn the basics along the way making them more and more proficient in the game of chess. The difficulty levels are also correctly adjusted so that each level makes it easy for players to learn with every level they clear.

Great graphics and a small app size make it easy to download

The game offers great 3D graphics to rejuvenate the chess experience for the fans of the board game. The game offers amazing graphics and a small app size, ensuring that fans with even older low-end devices can experience the thrill that GamoVation aims to deliver with Chess – Offline Board Game. Board games on devices can sometimes be a little unplayable due to bleak graphics however with the 3D rendering of the units on the board it is much easier to play and control each character on the board.

Chess-Offline Board Game Review, Chess-Offline Board Game
Image via GamoVation.

However, with the app size on the lower end, the game doesn’t compromise with the graphics and gameplay. Each unit on the board is fairly developed and quite distinctive making it easier for the players to strategize and make their moves on the board. Even in 1v1 mode, the gameplay doesn’t get compromised making it easier for players to compete in a very optimized manner.

Game Modes are interesting and fun

There are many reasons why Chess-Offline Board Game is one of the complete chess board games available in the respective app stores. Starting with the game modes available, there are in total 2 game modes available for players to enjoy in Chess – Offline Board Game. The first is the basic player vs computer sort of mode which is quite a classic mode and is widely available in most chess mobile games.

Chess-Offline Board Game Review, Chess-Offline Board Game
Image via GamoVation.

The second one however is the interesting one which is the puzzle mode, where the developers come up with a pre-defined situation and players will have to navigate through it within a specified set of moves. The difficulty level of each puzzle increases as players go forward in the puzzles. This helps greatly in honing the skills and critical thinking of the players in ascertaining how to navigate through certain situations in the game with a limited set of moves.

In the player vs computer mode, it is fairly similar to the other 3D chess games available on the respective app stores. Players can either choose a side with white and black units on the board or can play at random where the computer randomly chooses and plays with either team. The game also has the traditional undo feature which offers a sort of second chance for the players to make up for their mistakes and cover up their tracks.

Chess-1-scaled-Chess-Offline Board Game Review, Chess-Offline Board Game
Image via GamoVation

Apart from this, there are hints available in the game which can be used by the players in order to get some insights as to how to navigate through and choose the best possible outcome with the units available at a moment in time in the game. As the game progresses new difficulties start to unlock and these hints prove to be very fruitful and essential in winning the matches in the game. More hints can be earned via watching advertisements and they can be accumulated for future use as well.

Too many advertisements sometimes hinder the experience

Despite the game having a variety in terms of game modes and well-defined difficulty settings to make the game playable for every player, too many advertisements sometimes hinder the chess experience. There are advertisements before and after every single game, players will have to watch advertisements for receiving hints in the game too, which is fair, however, random advertisements can pop up as soon as the game ends or begins which sometimes can prove to be overwhelming for players to bear.

Final Verdict

The game, Chess – Offline Board Game offers a complete chess experience for players who like Chess and would love to learn the basics. The game is classified very well into different difficulty levels which allows the players to test their mettle against the computer based on different difficulty levels. One thing which can be counted as a drawback of the game would be the amount of advertisements the app has.

There is at least one advertisement before and after every match in the game, which hinders the experience on some occasions. In general, the game does a great job of bringing different game modes into a game like Chess as well, with the addition of puzzles, players can hone their critical thinking of the game. We hope that with this Chess-Offline Board Game Review, we were able to discuss and deliver a review of the game for the fans interested in Chess.

Chess-Offline Board Game review by Gamingonphone

Game Mechanics - 7
Game modes - 7
Graphics and Music - 6
Controls and UI - 6
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



A fair chess experience with graphics that are pleasing makes it a game worth trying for enthusiasts.

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