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Chimeraland review: Experience a whole new world full of surprises

Explore a boundless universe of fantasy

Chimeraland, a brand new RPG experience set in a completely open-world sandbox, is now available globally. The game features some really cool visuals, scary-looking monsters, and some other elements that make it a really cool and fun RPG title. Here in this article, we will review Chimeraland and share our first impressions of the game.  

At the start, the game might feel like almost any other RPG that has been launched in recent times. However, as you get into the game, the true scale of the world is revealed. This game actually has an open world with four continents and even the area beyond the world is open for exploration. The game has a pretty good feel to it overall.

Explore the vast open world of uncharted lands and strange animals

Starting off with the Chimeraland review, the gameplay starts out a little slow as players will first have to learn the very basics before they move onto more complex tasks and quests. That being said, the game does let you roam around and explore if you don’t want to immediately work on finishing the quests you have. However, there’s a lot of mechanics in the game that can take time to figure out so it’s better if you spend some time on the quests.

chimeraland gameplay characters

Like all RPGs, you’ll have to collect resources and grind before you can really understand how everything works. Moving on, at the start, players can completely customize all the features of their virtual avatar. First, they can choose the appearance on a spectrum and then customize various body features ranging from height, facial features, body structure, and much more.

Gather resources, hunt animals and complete quests by either teaming up or all by yourself

Once they get into the game for the first time, they can start completing quests and tasks while getting to know the world around them. As mentioned before there’s a lot of things to be learned before players are ready to head out into the world but the game doesn’t push players to stick to a linear path of quests. There’s also PvP elements as players will come across others like them

chimeraland animals

As players play on, they will learn about a lot of stuff and how the game works. There’s a lot to do from slaying monsters to building gigantic houses to breeding different mutated animals and even going to outer space and jumping back into the atmosphere.

So overall there’s a lot that players can do but it takes time to figure out how everything works. The game isn’t all that grindy and players have quite room to explore the open world and all the different continents and regions. However despite being beautiful, there’s a lot of danger too and some of the monsters, which are really big, could be hiding in plain sight and you won’t know what they are until you’re really close. This contributes to the game’s immersiveness and leaves players with a sense of awe. There’s really not much of a story here though

Amazing visuals and comes with AAA graphics but your device should be compatible first

The game is pretty good visually. Some regions are very vibrant but lower-end devices might struggle because of the game’s visual quality and large world. The audio is pretty standard and nothing to complain about. The game does a good job of using audio to create an immersive environment. 

The controls to move around are pretty decent. However, the UI has some issues. It faces the issues that multiple other RPGs also designed for PCs have… There’s a lot of buttons on the screen and some of the elements feel like they have been shrunk down so it makes it harder to make out everything clearly. The UI could definitely use some work.

chimeraland scenery gameplay

Ads don’t exist in the vast world of Chimeraland

The game does not have any ads which are pretty good as your experience would not be interrupted. Now the game does have in-game currencies that you can purchase with real-life money so paying might reduce how much you would need to grind.

Final Verdict

Overall, this game is great for anyone who’s looking for a very engaging and intricate RPG that has a lot of different elements and features. The world is really large and you can travel for miles in any direction. There’s a lot of monsters that you’ll have to deal with but taming and mutating them is pretty fun. 

Chimeraland review

There’s a lot of tasks and quests you can complete while there’s no limit on how creative you can be with the resources you can put together. The world is really beautiful and vibrant but you might need a higher-end device to run the game at higher graphical settings. 

Chimeraland review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Character Customization - 9
Graphics and Music - 9
Controls and UI - 7
Free to play Elements - 8



Chimeraland s great for anyone who’s looking for a very engaging and intricate MMORPG that has a vast open world with lots of different elements and features.

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