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Coromon review: Fulfill your dream of a Monster-Taming adventure

Enter into the lush World with your perfect Coromons!

Coromon is a tactical turn-based adventure game offered by Freedom Games LLC that pushes you into a journey of taming Coromons. The developers of Coromon, TRAGsoft, have not made it discrete that the game took inspiration from the very renowned Pokémon titles. In this Coromon review, we list out all the significant pillars of Coromon and debate about the impression it leaves on the audience.

Coromon is not a complete imitation of the original concept ie, Pokémon, and has unique features to make it stand out. The storyline offers a compelling narrative with numerous regions and zones to be explored. The way you carry yourself in quests solidifies your position among the higher-ups.

Capture Elemental Creatures, and Save Velua

Starting off with the Coromon review, your journey starts when you are hired as the new Battle Researcher for a high-tech lab called Lux Solis in the Velua region. Everything runs perfectly until a mysterious force attacks the region. The main motive is to catch and train Coromon living in the wild, locate the invaders, and deal with the danger that dares to endanger everyone in your region.

The quests prove to be different from the usual Pokemon missions such as victory over the gym leaders or Team Rocket-type. You are given a special mission to gather all the six Titans’ essence desired by an evil organization. Initially, you are asked a few questions based on which one of the three starter Coromons is offered as a suggestion. The Coromons are Torgua, the fire type, Nibblet, the water type, and Cubzero, the ice type.

Image via Freedom Games, LLC

You can still choose the one that pleases you the most. They are adorable but do not be fooled by their charm as they ooze out a powerful aura that helps you get through most of your initial journey. You will be provided with a gauntlet with six slots for the Coromons to include in your squad, with the extra ones sent to the storage available in every area.

There are over 120 tammable creatures and each has three types: Standard, Potent, and Perfect. The game urges you to capture potent or perfect monsters as they offer better abilities and durability during combat but usually, the trainers encounter Coromons who have standard potencies. Each of the Coromon has an elemental skill set such as fire, water, ice, and others, and different strengths and weaknesses that are capable of turning tables in the battle. 

Coromon commands customizable gameplay but requires loads of grinding

Coromon tops the gameplay experience in matters where it inhabits various game modes. On top of that, it provides you with a customizable game mode to suit your experience. You just need to make adjustments according to your preference and continue your exploration henceforth.

If this seems much of a load to you, you can always choose the inbuilt Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes to put yourself to the challenge. Each of the modes in the game has its own rules and regulations. The game does suggest you go with the Normal mode to enjoy a generic exposure.

Coromon Logbook
Image via Freedom Games, LLC

To the Pokemon veterans, the game might feel rather fussy with a lot removed to not make it a full imitation of the popular title. The squad space is restricted by not having enough strong Coromons. This compels you to grind until you find something worthwhile.

In case all your Coromons are at zero health, you will redirected to the nearest healing center for their recovery, forcing you to lose all the progress you made while traveling for hours. Also, the story unfolds at a very slow pace where the game can make you sit for hours just to complete a quest. The grinding destroys the purpose of tailored game modes.

The game comes with Pixelated Graphics and Jocular sounds

Coromon is wholly a pixelated world where each of the regions including Velua has diverse climates. The graphic style is playful with the characters being tiny which makes them look even more adorable. Everything including the centres, wilds, and Coromons has an aesthetic dot art style. At every turn or so, you will interact with the NPCs with dialogues, the story is mostly fun and the implementation of emojis to portray emotions makes the adventure even more whimsical. 

Image via Freedom Games, LLC

Character customization itself involves numerous fashionable clothing, hairstyles, and accessories options to personalize your look. The Coromons in the game seem tender at their initial stage but project a dominating era as they evolve.

Just like the inspirational concept, the game does not involve any voice acting and the music is quite light-hearted, giving you a chance to take a moment and savor the jovial sound quality. The audio effects used for the Coromon battles synchronize with the visuals precisely. The art style in a complete way is delightful, ludic, and does not disappoint.

Coromon Controls and UI

The Coromon User Interface (UI) emanates a vibrant lush style, making you deeply attracted to the design. However, the UI for the PC audience is quote-unquote too simplified to develop an appeal. The moves are symbolized rather than being listed in a profound method. You can check each of the Coromons’ attacks from the main menu but not during the battle

Image via Freedom Games, LLC

The controls are rather facile to comprehend with the buttons to help the character locate and travel. The gauntlets are provided to save you from sudden monster attacks in the wild. While in a battle, the PP system is replaced by the SP system more akin to Temtem and there are Beyblade-like spinners instead of Pokeballs. The turn-based formula and the controls prove to be uncomplicated but a little detailing and a descriptive UI can drive the game ahead of the pack. 

Try taming your monsters but full access requires real cash 

The game features no ads, hence letting you enjoy the monster-taming journey without any interruptions. This sheds a good impression on the players as no one likes to be heckled. However, Coromon is a “try before you buy” title as informed by the developers i.e. a part of the game is available for you and the other users initially, but to fully access the narrative, a single purchase of 6 USD is mandatory. This compels the enthusiasts to initiate the in-app purchase to taste the 30+ hours of adventure.

Coromon full access purchase
Image via Freedom Games, LLC

Apart from the main single-time purchase, the game also contains purchases of other items such as Potential items, XP items, Premium items, and Style Crystals that might seem necessary later on in the game. If you happen to be a sucker for this game and desire to push your level, this game is one of the picks for you. However, the prominent IAPs might kill the vibe for the players who prefer to enjoy free-to-play elements and limit adventure for them as well as the general audience. 

Final Verdict

We have covered all the major aspects of Coromon and it is safe to say that it does not threaten the worldwide popularity of its inspiration, Pokemon in any manner or way. And from our review perspective, although, Coromon does have touches to differentiate it from the authentic concept.

Apart from offering a heartwarming tribute to one of the most popular and classic titles, it has various ends that do not seem soulless whether it be the customizable experience, playful visuals and sounds, or adorable but potent Coromons. It does have its cons in matters of exploration with loads of grinding and finding your way throughout the world. But, if you have been a core fan of this type of gameplay and want to feel evocative, you will most probably fancy the Coromon adventure.

Coromon review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 8
Storyline - 8
Graphics and Music - 7
Controls and UI - 7
Free-to-Play Elements - 7



Coromon pays tribute to its ancestors from Pokémon offering some vibrant art style with, customizable gameplay mechanics

That’s all from us for the Coromon Review! Did you find the Coromon Review Helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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