Don’t Eat Pete review: Fight off the walking dead

Defend your base and survive against the Zombies!

Don’t Eat Pete is an action Zombie defense and survival game from Idle Game Studios with a bunch of different creative elements added to it. You need to expand your base while clearing out areas to save survivors. You can use a bunch of different weapons and defenses which include traps, turret guns, and walls. Here in this article, we will review Don’t Eat Pete and share our first impressions of the game.

Gear up and defeat the Zombies

Starting off with the Don’t Eat Pete review, once you start up the game, you get a quick tutorial that introduces you to the controls and the main game mechanics. Once that’s done and over with, you are directly introduced to the game’s objective, which is to defend a particular group of survivors in a safehouse. You get a few traps and defenses, which include walls and turret guns. Hold up against the waves of the zombie horde. To defend yourself and take down the undead, you are equipped with a firearm. Aim towards the zombies with the help of the aiming mechanism and press the fire button. That’s pretty much all it comes down to.

Don’t Eat Pete review

However, you need to circle around the house and make sure that no zombie is attacking it and dealing with damage. Both you and the house have a limited amount of health so stay careful. It’s not that hard to take out the zombies you have to fight at the start. But if there are too many of them, you’ll be in trouble (Kind of like the zombies in The Walking Dead). Upon being killed, some of the zombies also drop health points and power-ups which can help you for a short while. After taking down a wave, you get zombie coins for killing your undead enemies and can immediately buy traps, walls, and turret guns and place them on the playing field to help you in your mission. 

Build and defend your safehouse

Aside from that, there’s also a base that you can work on and build up. You also get a map and a zombie guide on your home base. The map allows you to seek out places to defend and the zombie guide tells you about a bunch of the zombie types you fight as you progress through the game. There’s also an endless mode in which you take down as many zombie waves as you can and if you want to challenge yourself, even more, you can try out the night mode in missions.

Don’t Eat Pete review

There’s an in-game market as well which has things like weapons, upgrades, clothes, and defenses. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock a bunch of different stuff and the main in-game currency is coins. You can get a bunch of outfits, different guns, walls, traps, and a bunch of powerups if you can afford them. The game also has daily rewards.

Decent graphics and easy controls

The graphics are decent. They follow a blocky design and the game does have some lighting effects which make it look a bit better. You can also change the graphics settings from low to high and vice versa. There’s not much in the way of in-game music but there are ambient sounds while you’re at your base and the sound effects are alright.

The control mechanics are pretty easy to get used and you get an introduction to the controls at the start. You use your left joystick to move around and use the right joystick to aim and fire at the zombies and can drag and drop defenses and traps onto the playing field. The UI is also pretty good and easy to understand.

One of the small things which adds a nice touch to the game is a red ring around your right joystick which indicates how many rounds of ammo you have left. Once you finish up your bullets, there’s a delay of a few seconds as you reload your gun. There aren’t any In-App-Purchases in the game as of now. There are advertisements, but kudos to the developers for only making them optional. In case you want to double your daily bonus or rewards, you can watch an advertisement to do so.

Final Verdict

If you want to play some casual and relaxing games, this game is a great choice. The lack of annoying ads and riveting gameplay allows you to play this for hours on end. The only thing which could be improved is the market.

A lot of weapons and costumes which can be bought with coins are pretty costly and you need to grind a lot. Aside from that, the game has really been worked on and is a pleasure to play. A bunch of levels are still under work and will be coming out in a while.

What are your opinions on the Don’t Eat Pete game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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