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Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds review: Relive the timeless masterpiece

This is the beginning of Dai's adventure, and his quest to become a true hero!

Square Enix Released this new action game based on the original Dragon Quest Dai manga. This game is just one new title on top of the many successful games under this company’s repertoire. The global server’s official launch date was in late 2021 and since then many players have been downloading and trying it out. Here in this article, we will review Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds and share our first impressions of the game.

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is a unique Gacha style anime game that brings a fresh experience to players of a stagnating market. The game has a lot of RPG elements and manages to have a very frenetic and active combat system. The video game has a lot for fans of the Dragon Quest series, Gacha players, and just people who appreciate well-crafted games in general.

Dragon Quest Dai introduces the new three lane gameplay system

Starting off with the Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds review, Gacha games as of late have all boiled down to some sort of turn-based system, where maybe you need to match elements or combine cards to get bigger moves. These systems while they have been fun for the past decade-plus, they have started to show signs of their age. In the more recent years, games such as Honkai/Genshin Impact and Punishing Gray Raven have served to push the genre into more action-oriented combat. DQ Dai’s approach to this change in gameplay has been a little unique.

dragon quest dai gameplay

The game board that players start on has three lanes and players can move freely between these lanes to dodge and position themselves for attacks. The player character also can block and use special moves to interrupt or protect themselves. The battle system isn’t too complex, but it’s very different from what players are used to so the combat encounters end up being very diverse.

Engage in combat against new foes with your old teammates

Once you get invested in the combat and then begin to fight the bosses, it becomes a delicate dance of dodging and positioning to come out on top. Boss fights allow for a new mechanic where you are given a small chance to counter their magic casting with your own.

Gameplay overview

If the player can counter the enemy, then they push them back, if you can push them back enough you Break the enemy and smash them into a wall, leaving them defenseless and open to attack. Micromanaging all these systems while fighting the enemy is where this game truly shines.

The game has a decent Gacha system with all the characters being free

DQ Dai is at its heart, of course, a gacha game. This means that to get new weapons and armor, you will have to engage in its loot box/gacha mechanics. Well, we are pleased to say that at the very least, this isn’t the most egregious implementation of loot boxes.

The game costs 3,000 currency to pull for items, and while that sounds like a lot the game so far has been exceedingly generous with currency. We are also pleased to say that characters are all free, so the only things that you pull for will be gear and Soul Crystals, which are just purely stat-based.

dragon quest dai gacha

At this point in the game from where we have gotten, there’s not even any point to “whale out an account”. We have been given one 4-star weapon and with that, we have been able to clear all the content extremely easily. The only thing you may even consider purchasing would be stamina potions as you will notice that stamina and gold run out a lot.

Relive Dai’s legendary adventures with some new fresh additions

The story is revolving around the Disciples of Avan, the word is tormented by evil once again and Dai needs to step up to save the world. Dai makes a promise to his mentor, encounters new friends, and slowly learns the truth about his fate. This game is the start of Dai’s Journey, but the bonds he makes along the way are what truly is his quest to become a great hero!

dragon quest dai characters story

The story is a classic JRPG tale that endures the test of time. There is the classic story of Dragon Tracks where this story follows the original Dragon Quest the Adventures of Dai series. If you complete this quest, you will add familiar characters from the show to your time.

Bounding Journey is a brand-new story written under the supervision of Riku Sanjo the author of the original works. In this new tale, the characters are placed in the mysterious world Miliadosia where Pinky the pink Dracky guides our hero. Who is the hero in this new Journey, well it’s your player character the magical Luminary leader! You take center stage in this story and have a role just as if not more important than Dai!

Final Verdict

Dragon Quest Dai is a very beautifully crafted game, if you don’t like the combat or anything else about the game, the least you can agree with is that the character models and backgrounds are stunning.

The game has a lot of production value, and a lot of care has been put into making this a faithful adaptation of Riku Sanjo’s works. The new changes to the gameplay formula are quite welcome and allow for very interesting new encounters. We are very excited to see how they can push the boundaries with this new game!

Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds review by Gamingonphone

Gameplay Mechanics - 9
Storyline - 9
Graphics and Music - 8
Controls and UI - 8
Free-to-Play Elements - 8



Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is a must-play for Dragon Quest fans and a must-try for anyone who is a fan of gacha gaming but has felt that gameplay has stagnated over the years.

What are your opinions on the Dragon Quest Dai: A Hero’s Bonds game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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