Dragon Sim Online Review: Become a Dragon

Dragon Sim Online is developed and published by Turbo Rocket Games. It’s a simulation game where you become a dragon, fly around the world and defeating minions, prey and bosses. Start completing quests to level up and slowly gain new features over time.

Character Creation to Dragon Sim Online

The first thing you do when you start this game is to create your very own dragon. You can decide if it’s a female or a male dragon. Figured they might have some cool differences, but the female dragon was only scaled down sadly. Considering most reptiles in nature have the females bigger and be leaders. But nonetheless, you can still customise your dragon and scale individual body parts, if you so wish. Make a tiny head, and a huge body, it’s possible! As well as deciding what element the dragon should be.

dragon sim online dragon creation

You can also choose from a big variety of skins and dragon types! Sadly you need to unlock them with the in-game currency, which is displayed at the top right. Only the first two are for free, but there sure are a lot of funky looking dragons to scare your prey with.


Then you spawn on a meadow, surrounded by some trees and the game starts its tutorial. It is very straight forward and explains it well. You can fly around or choose to walk on the grass. Attack your prey and enemies and over time you level up enough to gain two new skills to help you progress.

Although the game has easy controls, you can not fly straight. You have to move in a serpentine way, in other words like a snake.

In the top left corner, you’ll see the avatar of your dragon with their HP and energy. And at the bottom in green is the experience bar, showing your level progress.

dragon sim online flying towards portal
Dragon flying towards a portal

Something the game doesn’t explain is that you can feast upon your prey and enemies after you defeated them. Fly or walk near their corpse and hold the icon that appeared below your dragon. You’ll regain health and energy and as well gain some experience. The same mechanics also works when you’re near a body of water and drink from it.

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Quests and more

You’ll notice you have quests on the right-hand side of the screen. Very basic objectives to follow; Kill those units. Once you eliminate them you gain some coins and experience from it.

You’ll notice on the map house symbols. They’re either portals to your den or your den itself, which is located right in the middle of everything. When you’re at your den and land you’ll get some new controls: Sleeping, letting your family stay at your den, a shout or call and take off. They’re pretty self-explanatory.

Sleep will let you regain back your HP and energy. It is unclear what the shout is doing. Your dragon and your family are all roaring into the sky and you gain some experience from it and can repeat it as much as you’d like. It doesn’t seem to have another impact on the game, though.

dragon sim online lord troll boss
Lord Troll, the first Boss

After several quests, you’ll face your first boss, Lord Troll. He has drastically more HP than the minions you have been defeating before. It’s a tough one and at this point, the game starts to feel very repetitive and it needs a lot of grinding. There isn’t a lot to do besides slaying different enemies. It also doesn’t offer a story for the players to be engaged with.

Family in Dragon Sim Online

Once your dragon has reached a specific level she is able to find a life long mate. You search the mate out on the map, fly towards them and court them. The courting is the fun part because all you do is fight them to establish dominance over them. I always wanted to be an Alpha Female.

dragon sim online mate bonding

When dominated you can start customising your new addition to the family and give him a name. You can give him a new skin as well buy buying them with your hard-earned coins from previous battles! You can also start playing as him, but since he starts at level 1, not really recommended. He will start following you and fighting with you. So it is recommended to put the points into strength and not speed or health.

When both of your dragons reach level 10 they’re ready to copulate and produce an off-spring. To do that you’re prompted to fly back to your den and sleep. After that, your new hatchling has hatched. You’re free to customise them as well and choose the sex of it. And at level 20 you can get another child.

dragon sim online family at den

Graphics and Music

The graphics remind me of old PlayStation 2 games from childhood, something many grew up with. That’s not a bad thing in itself, it can be appealing to the right audience. However, it is outdated considering what mobile devices can handle nowadays. The UI elements, on the other hand, are well made and fit into the world of your game. The User Experience is fluent and easy to navigate through.

When you’re flying around or not doing nothing, you can hear the birds chirping, hear the wind flow and depending on your action the dragon will roar. Some quiet epic music is playing in the background from time to time, with violins and string instruments. Once the action starts, though, the music changes abruptly to a faster-paced instrumental with drums, fitting to the fight.


Sometimes an ad might pop up, usually when you want to open a new tab or section, like the map. So it doesn’t disrupt the gameplay too much. They have also been child-friendly and were quick to get rid of.

You’re able to buy coins from their store as well and either purchase removes the ads from the game. They offer purchases from 0.99 USD up to 19.99 USD.

dragon sim online store page

Dragon Sim Online offers a multiplayer Section

When you open the game you noticed there is also a multiplayer version besides the singleplayer version. Following that, you can join other people and help them fight. Or they can help you defeat that darn boss you’ve been stuck at for some time. Sadly though, it doesn’t seem very active.

You can download it on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What do you think of Dragon Sim Online? Leave a comment down below and don’t forget to join our Discord Community for more mobile gaming stuff!

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