eFootball PES 2021 review: How does it look compared to PES 2020?

Not many changes compared to PES 2020

Finally, the long wait got over when PES 2021 Mobile arrived on our mobile screens on the 16th of October. the players after a 4-day long wait opened their app to see the changes in the game. Although the new update wasn’t as promising as players expected, they found the update a bit better compared to the previous edition. While we see the new Iconic Moments already distributed to the players as a replacement, we also how PES Mobile 2021 changed in the gameplay perspective. So, in this review, we will discuss the changes in the new PES 2021 update and also compare it with its predecessor PES 2020 Mobile.

PES 2021 Mobile Gameplay

The biggest doubts before the PES 2021 Mobile release were on the gameplay changes. In fact, there was a mixed reaction to the game’s current gameplay and graphics. While some wanted to see a change in the graphics, the rest didn’t press for a change. However, after the release, we see a little change in the graphics as well as the gameplay.

A wider pitch, a better feel

The first change was the pitch size. While some may have noticed it, the pitch has become wider compared to the previous season, and it makes the player more comfortable to hold on to the ball. But a slight disadvantage is that long passing can be very accurate and would make things harder on the longer run. Ball physics seems to be a bit on the improvement side, whereas player movements are really good. Another thing to note here is, you still can’t cancel a pass. Overall, the gameplay is good, still can be improved.

PES 2021 review

Subtle changes in the graphics

There isn’t a keen change noticed in the graphics, but the sure thing the pitch looks like it has brightened, and the colors seem nice. Player faces, like in console, have been updated, and the look of them doesn’t disappoint. New celebrations have been added, which is a plus too. Overall, you don’t see major changes, but some little tweaks didn’t disappoint.

Initial Impression on players and playstyles

We played squads at full familiarity and max levels to understand whether there were any changes to them. In fact, most have improved, maybe because of upgrades, but still few feel lackluster. Dribbling with players with great ball control feels easier, so this time, you can manage to get past tight spaces in the opponent defense. Players like Messi, Maradona are very good on the ball, so they will be really good in those areas. Defense-wise, players seem more aggressive this time, where players actually attempt aggressive tackles and cover a lot of ground. But it feels like if you play a high defensive line, these defenders might get exposed, whatever the playstyle might be.

PES 2021 review

While playstyles are concerned, it is a healthy change. Classic No. 10 might grow as a popular playstyle now because they are everywhere. Zico, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo seem different beasts this time, they drop back to create chances but also make some interesting runs in central areas. Creative Playmaker does drop a lot deeper this time, and runs are really few. You can see players asking the ball at their feet even if they are behind the player with the ball, sometimes that felt funny, but actually, they work as they should.

No major changes in PES 2021 compared to PES 2020

Well, honestly, many can confirm there isn’t much to review here when comparing PES 2021 to PES 2020. Title Screen is now better compared to last year. The UI background did get a design change, but the same grey texture. The same goes for the menu, it remains the same, again, without the home button. Still can’t get why you would remove the best option in that UI screen, without citing any reason.

PES 2021 card designs

Player card designs look fresh, as the designs look neat and attractive. The squad menu is the same, but all that you can see is your having low familiarity. Well, that would improve later for sure.

The disappointing part of this update comes with Team Management. Not a single change has been made on that part. All slots remain the same number. The least of expectations were to see Player Slots or Training slots getting an increase, but it didn’t happen that way. With a load of trainers wasted in our inboxes and KONAMI giving out trainers in tours and campaigns, this was a change that was required.

What might be the meta in PES 2021

Last year, there were several strategies that were in the meta: Long ball spamming, 4-3-1-2, 4-2-1-3 formations, Corner counters, Speed spam, and Pace abuse, Inzaghi in the 2nd half (those who have him will know ūüėČ ) to name a few. These were in the meta, but it did irritate us last season. This time around, as the gameplay is not any different, we can see these in the game this season too.

To add more, some of them through passes have been increasingly accurate to the forwards who are quick, and many goals have been scored in a similar fashion. This would take us back to PES 18 were through passing as the popular tactic followed by players online. These are just our initial thoughts, we don’t what’s in store for us in the coming months.

What to expect for the future

Iconic Moments. Plenty of them. Not that we hate Iconic Moments or such, but KONAMI has found a way to milk players to make some earnings online. They should get what they deserve, but these Iconic Moments are plenty to handle. They are dropping them out, and we expect many players to get 2-3 copies of Iconic Moments cards. Even Marcus Rashford has got one under his belt, maybe because he’s a partner squad player, but this is too soon. Players are curious to get these as these the best cards you can have in-game, so it won’t be a surprise if more players spend on these shiny IM cards.

PES 2021 Review - iconic moments
Plenty of Iconic Moments to come!

What we really expect are some events. For the past three seasons, there hasn’t been much to offer in terms of events. Tour and Campaign are repetitive, and Challenge games are boring and less competitive. Custom Matchday is a good event, but even it feels repetitive after playing for a while. We should get some new events, like a short league or knockout tourneys with agents/scouts as rewards. That would make the game fun. We still think the PES creative team is more creative than we are, no pun intended.

What is your initial review on PES 2021 Mobile? Let us know in the comments!

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